NAKAI Resorts reopen with fresh new look

The NAKAI Resorts are located in the Maldives on the homonymous islands of Alimathà (Vaavu atoll), Dhiggiri (Vaavu atoll) and Maayafushi (Alif Alif atoll).

All the three locations are surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean and offer white sand beaches and spectacular diving sites.

During the last period of time, the NAKAI group has worked to renovate some of the most important areas of the Vaavu Atoll Resorts, such as the bungalows, the dining areas, the pools and the recreational zones.

The renovation work on the NAKAI Resort of Alimathà led to the showcase of new two-storey family accommodations, a new design restaurant with express cooking stations and enlarged spaces of the bar area.

The beach bungalows also underwent major renovations to structures, systems, roofs, covers and bathrooms while the expansion of the external decks of the overwater bungalows adds a new, endless view to the Ocean.

The renovation work also included the recreational facilities: new jet skis, a new paddle tennis court and a badminton court.

In Alimathà, the new infinity pool extends itself for 550 sqm into the beautiful horizon of Maldivian Ocean and sky and it can be considered the most attractive feature of the Resort. A large jacuzzi (10 pax), which enables the continuous flow of the water, has been installed with its power source being taken from the sea.

The Covid-19 pandemic forced the resort’s management to reorganise all the dining facilities. Following safety regulations, the restaurants have been made more spacious for its guests.

Last but not least, new work have been done on a new surveillance system, anti-fire system and internet services (new high-stability and high-speed internet line).

During the Covid-19 lockdown, the renovation work also included the NAKAI Resort of Dhiggiri: new toilets in the common areas and a refurbished main restaurant and main jetty.

The expansion of the island’s greenery and the building of a 100m long seawall will help the island maintain its shape and act as a form of protection from beach erosion. Inside the accommodations, the enhancement of the flooring of the beach bungalows and the fresh new coat of paint help making the rooms even more stylish.

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