The Water Discus Underwater Hotel

Maldives Promotion House – Maldives Hotel & Trade Exhibition (MHTE) the official exhibition of the Maldives National Chamber of Commerce and Industry began earlier this week on 6th December. While yesterday was the last day of the exhibition held at Dharubaaruge Convention Halls, it has turned up new and strikingly creative ideas.

One of the most interesting and popular exhibit was by a polish company. The Water Discus Underwater Hotel, by Deep Ocean Technology comes with 21 rooms and can be moored in a lagoon with minimal impact on the reef.

While the clever design boasts of architectural ingenuity, it also resembles a futuristic structure. The Water Discus Hotels comprise of an underwater disc and a surface disk. The two parts of the structure are connected by three solid legs which are fixed to the seabed and a vertical shaft containing a lift and stairway. The size of each disc is adjusted to local conditions.

According to Deep Ocean Technology the two technical solutions will ensure that the Water Discus remains safe even in the event of a fairly high tsunami, which can normally flood the nearest coastal areas. The sturdiness of the construction and technical solutions employed will also ensure that the underwater disc automatically surfaces at once in the event of any danger.

They also stated that “a sense of security is essential for good holiday and Water Discus Hotels have been designed to meet the highest safety standards. Safety was a top priority for both designers of the structure and a team of professionals who worked out the maintenance procedures. Our goal was to ensure that guests feel safe both inside, outside and while diving. The combination will also allow guests to admire the depths of the ocean while making the most of the warm climate.”

Deep Ocean Technology was founded in 2010 in Gdynia. Currently, its operations include: constructing underwater hotels, designing manned and remotely operated underwater vehicles, designing deep-sea equipment for seabed exploration at small and large depths.

In order to put these technologically demanding projects into effect, the Company established an ongoing collaboration with scientists and engineers from the Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology, Gdańsk University of Technology, as well as other Polish scientific and research and development institutions. They also rely on manufacturing capabilities of both Polish and international shipyards and equipment producers.

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