Tourism authorities back Maldives Virtual Tour project

Tourism authorities in Maldives have partnered with Orca Media Group for its virtual tour platform which showcases resorts and guesthouses across the archipelago

The Virtual Maldives platform enables travellers across the globe to take a breathtaking virtual tour of discovery through the Maldives.

A sister brand of Travel Travel Trade Maldives (TTM), this project will host over 2,000, 360° VR panoramic tours (photos and videos) of 150 plus islands in the Maldives.

The project has received the backing of both the Maldives tourism ministry and its official tourism promotion body, Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC).

“We believe that this project is a unique way in promoting Maldives tourism industry and will assist to advertise this country as a top tourism destination,” the tourism ministry was quoted as saying, in a statement issued by Orca Media Group.

“Most importantly, this project will be a vital step towards promoting our islands.”

Content creation studio Dynamyst will shoot high-quality pictures of resorts and guesthouses, enabling panoramic views of the stunning locations. The images can be viewed on mobile devices, laptops and desktops anywhere in the world.

“This project will assist Maldives tourism industry to reach new heights in the global travel industry with over 2,000, 360° VR panoramic tours accessible to a global audience of travellers to experience Maldives at its best anywhere across the globe,” MMPRC said.

The TTM portfolio includes: a namesake travel trade show, TTM Travel Summit, TTM Awards and Gala, a bi-monthly print periodical, TTM+ online travel channel, and an online news portal.

TTM and Dynamyst are part of Orca Media Group, one of the leading media and marketing companies in the Maldives.

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