Crown & Champa Resorts celebrates biodiversity on World Environment Day

Every year on June 5, World Environment Day is celebrated to encourage worldwide awareness and action to protect the environment across more than 150 countries.

The theme for World Environment Day 2020 is, “Celebrate biodiversity”. This theme focuses on ‘time for nature’ and providing the essential infrastructure that supports life on Earth and human development.

But, as the world reconsiders its habits during the current pandemic, here are ways in which Crown & Champa Resorts is protecting biodiversity this World Environment Day.

Avoid single use plastics

Plastic causes severe damage to marine life like turtles, seabirds, whales, and other species.

All Crown & Champa Resorts properties have eliminated single use plastics such as plastic bags, straws, cups, bottles and utensils, and have replaced them with environmentally friendly alternatives.

Planting more trees

Apart from purifying the air, trees also help humans in many other ways which include climate control.

With the increase in greenhouse gases, trees help in maintaining the air quality by emitting oxygen. Trees also act as habitat for wildlife. Forests are home to 80 per cent of terrestrial biodiversity of the world.

Recently, Veligandu Island resort embarked on a coconut tree planting exercise for horticulture and as a method to control coastal soil erosion.

At Crown & Champa Resorts, guests will also see landscaping inclusive of native and naturalised flora from grasses, shrubs to trees due to their adaptability in growing on the island soil and sustainable consumption on water.

Eco-friendly bathroom amenities

Through Crown & Champa Resorts’ partnership with Healing Earth, a world-renowned luxury amenities provider, bathroom and Spa amenities are organic and bio-degradable.

The products are free of any synthetic additives and are people, earth and animal-friendly. The gentle manufacturing process also ensures that the natural ingredients preserve the efficacy of their properties.

In addition to that, they are biodegradable and housed in refillable recycled glass packaging. This ensures that no toxic pollutants run off into the sea and onto the fragile reefs.

Coral gardening on Kuredu and Meeru

Crown & Champa Resorts is doing its best to help preserve its reefs and has decided to give them a helping hand by transplanting coral to areas that need some support.

Coral reefs are important for many different reasons aside from supposedly containing the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. They protect coastlines from the damaging effects of wave action and tropical storms, and provide habitats and shelter for many marine organisms.

“Crown & Champa Resorts is committed towards preserving the Maldives’ biodiversity through sustainable operations and various green initiatives,” an announcement read.

“These initiatives include alternative sources of energy that include solar, food and water recycling facilities; a collection of greenhouses and desalination systems; and frequent island, reef and lagoon cleaning projects.”

Crown & Champa Resorts, a leader in the Maldivian hospitality industry with over 40 years’ experience, currently runs eight resorts — each targeting a unique traveller with the aim of offering great quality and value in different segments.

Crown & Champa Resorts’ diverse collection of resorts include Hurawalhi MaldivesKudadoo Maldives Private Island by HurawalhiInnahura Maldives ResortKomandoo MaldivesVeligandu Island Resort & SpaKuredu Resort MaldivesVilamendhoo Island Resort & SpaMeeru Island Resort & Spa, and one city hotel, Champa Central Hotel.

The group had earlier announced plans to open its ninth resort, Kagi Maldives Spa Island, later this year.

All Crown & Champa Resorts properties remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, the group will begin welcoming guests again when the Maldives reopens in borders.

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