Gili Lankanfushi launches ‘No Bin Day’ initiative to reduce food waste

Gili Lankanfushi has begun an incentive called, ‘No Bin Day’ to reduce the amount of food waste created in the resort’s staff canteen.

The decision to begin this weekly event came from Mohamed Fazee, a host who wanted to tackle the problem of food waste head on. Although Gili Lankanfushi composts the majority of its food waste using the Rocket Composter located in the Eco Centre, sometimes the composter is at full capacity, leaving excess food waste.

Fazeel, who instigated No Bin Day.

Instead of accepting this, Gili Lankanfushi wanted to find a way to reduce its total food waste once and for all. As the resort’s staff are environmentally minded, it decided to start with them by taking away all bins in the canteen once a week.

“This campaign will encourage consumers to only take as much as they can eat. By cleaning their plate, they are mindful of how much they can eat and how much they waste on a daily basis,” a blogpost by the resort read.

According to Gili Lankanfushi, the first No Bin Day was a success as it resulted in the overall waste being reduced by 80 kilograms.

“By creating good practices and instilling the habit of not wasting food, we hope this sustainable behaviour will spread beyond the resort and into local communities. We want our hosts and guests to think twice about wasting their perishable goods,” the post read.

“Looking back on previous years, it is already clear to see that our chefs use impeccable food planning to reduce waste.  In the future, we will be cooking food items that do not create as much waste.  It is our long term goal to compost 100% of our food waste.”

Set on the private island of Lankanfushi in the North Male Atoll, Gili Lankanfushi Maldives is an intimate coral island in a sparkling lagoon, with jetties threading across the water out to spacious villa accommodations, where ultimate privacy can be found. This luxury resort is just a 20-minute speedboat ride from the main Velana International Airport.

At Gili Lankanfushi, an idyllic personal hideaway is one of 45 spacious, rustic overwater villas crafted from natural wood and glass. A palette of sparkling blues paints the horizon, the ocean stretching to infinity wherever on the island. The open design, with indoor and outdoor living space, allows guests the freedom to be themselves, the sound of the sea and warm breeze soothing all senses.

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