PATA Stepping Towards a Better Business Model

Maldives Promotion House – Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Interim CEO Mr Bill Calderwood and Chairman Mr Hiran Cooray have announced that PATA is taking steps to restructure and move towards a better business model.

 “This will involve a move to increased outsourcing of some support services and redeployment of resources to those areas where the organisation will increasingly concentrate its efforts to service its members,” Calderwood said.

Changes will be implemented in the research area as PATA advances its plans to focus on insights. Changes include fast-tracking the introduction of PATA’s Travel Intelligence Graphic Architecture (TIGA) system which allows members to see the latest travel statistics in real time online.

With IT connecting the world more than ever before, PATA will leverage that technology and expand the research capabilities of the Association, by forming a virtual worldwide research team from various business disciplines.

After almost 15 years with PATA, current Head of the Office of Strategy Management, Mr John Koldowski, will move into a new out-sourced relationship with PATA.

“This is an exciting development,” Koldowski said. “I’ll be moving into a less up-front and visible role, but with a much broader brief, so that I can concentrate on bringing better information and business intelligence to the membership.”

Calderwood said that over the coming months this transition in the PATA business model will also see changes to its overseas representation in Europe and North America.

“There will be a move to utilise external partners on an as-needs project basis, as well as increased focus and support for these regions by the Head Office team strengthened by recent appointments in the membership department,” he said.

“These changes will make the organisation stronger, sustainable and more capable of meeting members’ modern business needs. It reflects a changed environment which many associations find themselves dealing with, and the reality that changes is inevitable if organisations are to remain relevant, contemporary and grow in the future,” PATA Chairman, Hiran Cooray, added.

Overall, three internal positions will be abolished, and five PATA head office staff redeployed internally to add resources to membership services.

Calderwood said that the new model will become fully operational before the end of 2011. “PATA will continue to look for further efficiencies and ways of working smarter. We will evolve our programs to focus on contemporary realities to help members build business,” he said.

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