Inaugural Maldives HR leaders award garners big support

Inaugural Maldives Leaders in Hospitality Awards, the first initiative to honour Maldivians working in Human Resources in the hospitality industry, has garnered tremendous support as its nomination draws to a close.

The award, launched late last year by HR Maldives, is open for nomination by Sunday. Organisations, including hotels, resorts and guesthouses, and individuals alike can submit their nominations to the awards.

“We have already received huge support and appreciation from the industry,” an official from HR Maldives, publishers of the country’s first and only HR-dedicated magazine, told local newspaper Avas.

The award includes 56 trophies in three different categories:

  • Gold Trophies: awarded to the most outstanding General Managers, Resident Managers and other individuals serving as Head of Departments.
  • Silver Trophies: awarded to the most outstanding individuals holding a senior leadership position.
  • Organisational Trophies: awarded to the most outstanding HR teams. Sub-total of 16 categories will be awarded under the Organisational Awards.

State tourism promotion company Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) has endorsed the award, which will have a judging panel consisting of local and international experts in the hospitality industry.

The grand gala of the awards will be held in a leading resort on August 5.

The Maldives tourism industry is well-known across the globe with more than 120 resorts and hundreds of guesthouses serving over 1.2 million tourists a year. The industry is the biggest employer in the country, especially local talent, and has seen more and more locals climbing up the ranks to top managerial positions.

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