Villa Air Acquires New Aircraft

Maldives Promotion House – Villa Air, one of the latest domestic air lines in Maldives, acquired its newest aircraft last Wednesday.

According to their Commercial Manager Sobah Rasheed the new aircraft from Verona, Italy can carry 46 passengers and will also be used for internal flights.

“We have two aircrafts of the same type, and we will use both the aircrafts for internal flights to all the regions of Maldives,” he said.

Villa Air has also confirmed that they will fly to the recently constructed Villa Airport Maamigili.

“That is a very important region. After Malé that area has developed into a very important area for tourism. So we will carry tourists to Maamigili,” he said.

Depending on the demand we will increase the number of our aircrafts. Villa Air, operating under the brand name of “Flyme”, first brought in a 46 passenger aircraft last April.

Villa Airport Maamigili is an airport developed by Villa Shipping and Trading Company Pvt. Ltd. Villa Air Private Limited is a company affiliated to Villa Group and is also the operator of Villa Airport Maamigili and Flyme Service.

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