Daniel Lago – visionary Italian designer behind Cocoon Maldives

Cocoon Maldives is exclusively designed by LAGO, one of Italy’s top furniture designers. Inspired by nineteenth-century Italian craftsmen, LAGO’s award-winning, contemporary designs focus on sustainability and well-being; filling Cocoon Maldives with style, simplicity and tranquility.

Top designer Daniel Lago, who heads LAGO, explains why he was so excited to design Cocoon Maldives: “The Maldives are in and of themselves a natural paradise, and I tried to work with this beauty, creating an interior made with materials that are both very fine and simple. I sought out a lightness inspired by nature and just like you float pleasantly in the crystalline waters of the Maldives, I tried to recreate this sense of floatation in the design, suspending tables, beds and bathrooms in the air.”

“When they talked to me about this project, I was interested in the fact that not one resort in all of the Maldives had ever decisively developed such a strongly design-oriented project, so we fearlessly created a range of interior moods that can inspire emotions even just with their colours.”

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