MMPRC launches ‘Promotional Item Design Competition 2017’ with amazing prizes

Mirihi – Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) has launched “Promotional Item Design Competition 2017” seeking out innovative yet practical designs for the promotion of Maldives as a tourist destination worldwide. The main objective of the competition is to create unique, quality items which can be used for tourism promotion. Furthermore, to discover unique and creative ideas of Maldivian artists and to showcase authentic Maldivian products. This competition is a great opportunity for the local artist to showcase their hidden talents and to contribute for the promotion of Maldives as the ideal destination.

The main idea of Promotion Items designs will be based on the slogan “Maldives……the sunny side of life”. This competition is open to all Maldivians in which interested candidates can participate as an individual, or as a representative of a company. The work of the participants will be judged by a judging panel of five (5). Three main categories that evaluations based on are Consumer Focus and Relevance, Distinctiveness and Simplicity.

There are two categories for which the designs can be submitted; (1) Giveaway promotional item(s) for mass distribution; (2) Executive Promotional item(s) for limited distribution. Winners will be chosen from both the categories; (a) Best 5 promotional items will be selected and awarded; (b) Best promotional item will be selected and awarded. Prizes are awarded to winners respectively;

Category 1: First prize is Turkish Airline return ticket to Turkey for 2 people , Second and Third Prizes are Island aviation return ticket to one of its International Destination for 2 people and Fourth and Fifth Prizes are Island aviation return ticket to one of its Domestic Destination for 2 people.

Category 2: Only one winner is selected and Turkish Airline return ticket to Turkey for 2 people is awarded for the winner.

Further more information can be accessed from website of MMPRC (

Photo courtesy Mirihi Island Resort

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