Austrians in Holiday Mood This Summer

Maldives Promotion House – TUI Austria, one of Austria’s biggest travel companies, said people booking their summer breaks were spending seven percent more this year than in 2010. The agency explained that a growing number of Austrians were opting for four and five star hotels. It added that package holidays were also in great demand.

TUI Austria said its summer holiday offerings were two to three percent more expensive this year than last summer.

The tour operator explained that the overall share of four and five star resorts among all bookings of trips abroad was higher than 80 percent this year. Maldives is the third most popular long-haul vacation destination for Austrians behind Thailand and Cuba respectively.

Pollster Market said the personal financial situation had the strongest impact on Austrians’ holiday plans at 58 percent. The group’s poll comes around one year after an Imas study revealing that 54 per cent of Austrians were ready to cut their vacation budgets if the economic crisis turned out to have an impact on their lives. Fifty-two percent said in May 2010 they would go out less often to make ends meet, while 51 percent vowed to spend less on fashion.

Austria is 11th most important market for Maldives by 2010 tourist arrival figures. This represents 14,944 tourists from Austria with 12.6 percent growth from 2009.
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