Six Senses Laamu: Chilli ice cream, anyone?

Maldives Promotion House – Six Senses Laamu, the only resort on the virtually uncharted Laamu atoll, offers a unique and outstanding natural beauty, powder white sand, lush tropical vegetation and crystal clear waters.

Reachable via 50 minute flight and a 25 minute boat ride, Six Senses Laamu offer eco-friendly yet luxurious villas that sit on the beach or over the crystal clear lagoon.

The bars and restaurants also offer the best organic, fresh food, locally grown and caught, while cocktails are inspired by original tropical recipes, with over 400 wines kept in a climatically controlled towering glass wine cellar.

However, for Six Senses, being green doesn’t end with that. Six Senses Laamu has a magnificent chilli garden. For this resort it’s just one of the many ingredients that make their newest resort so refreshing.

They have also introduced an extra dimension by creating a dining experience within the chilli garden. While you are surrounded by 12 types of evocatively-named chilli bushes, namely the Bulgarian Carrot, the Habanero, the Bishop’s Crown, the Hungarian Hotwax, the Pusajwala, and the African Devil.

The garden also contains the Satan’s Kiss, the Naga Marich, the Fresno Supreme, the Indian Firecracker, the Maldivian Chilli and, of course, the frighteningly hot Scotch Bonnet.

You would agree that the inventive menu devised by the team at Laamu covers every course and features chillis according to your taste. Most importantly there is even a dessert. The one and only Chilli ice cream. A taste, anyone?

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