Centara Grand Maldives gets added attraction with coral regeneration programme

coral at centara

Maldives.net.mv – A house reef complete with a dedicated shipwreck is one of the outstanding features at Centara Grand Island Beach Resort & Spa Maldives, enjoyed by snorkelers, divers and even the occasional underwater wedding party, and now the resort has embarked upon a program designed to rehabilitate parts of the reef that have stopped growing and promote the growth of new coral.

The program is part of Centara Grand Island’s energetic policy towards environmental conservation.

General manager Voytek Klasicki says the method being used to encourage the coral growth is a well-proven one in the field of marine conservation.

“We are harvesting coral fragments from the resort reef and also from nearby reefs, so that we can get a good variety of coral species,” he says.

“These fragments are then planted on discs made from a non-toxic cement, and the discs are attached to coral beds we have placed in a selected zone inside the lagoon.

“Each bed has a different type of coral planted on it, because some corals are territorial, and fight off other coral species.”


The bed frames are constructed from a 10mm reinforcing bar with a mesh made from similar material, and tied down with cables. All the beds are checked twice a week for any signs of algae, which can smother the coral fragments, and once the corals start growing and appear healthy, they are transferred to the main reef and allowed to grow.

“The beds are placed in the lagoon, between the Deluxe Water Villas and the Luxury Sunset Water Villas, where we have also fashioned an 8ft by 4ft replica of the Centara logo,” says Ibrahim Shaan, operations manager of the resort’s dive center.

“Already this is proving a great attraction for guests, who are enjoying snorkeling around this spot to see how the coral garden is progressing.”

Located in the South Ari Atoll in Maldives, Centara Grand Island Resort & Spa Maldives is a five-star resort that offers the ultimate in barefoot luxury for couples, families and groups. Featuring 112 suites and villas, and with an outstandingly large selection of leisure activities, the resort has an Ultimate All-Inclusive program so that guests can leave their cash at home when travelling to the island.

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