Fine Dining at the Deep End

Taj Exotica – Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Maldives – true to its hotelier brand and fame, the Maldivian resort is one of the finest, most luxurious and elegant resorts in the country today. Well known amongst royalty and celebrities, the resort boasts of the finer, more private luxury life on an island. Your very own personal butler,  private dining options, Villas with plunge pools, to name a few.

The DeepEnd Restaurant is the most spectacular restaurant on the island, specially created for luxurious dining. The restaurant sparks of romantic ambiance; dine under the stars, as the gentle breeze of the evening envelops you, engulfing you in love and romance, to the smooth sounds of lapping waves.

Guests who wish to dine at this fabulous restaurant are requested to book ahead. Deep-End offers special menus for guests who prefer a glutton free diet.
Deep End serves upscale grill and Mediterranean cuisine, with several tasting menus to chose from. The restaurant also offers special Lobster nights, promoting local sea food to the guests.

Taj Exotica

At the Deep End, every little detail is catered to, including special stools for ladies’ handbags and personalized farewell desserts for guest nearing the end of their stay in paradise; special fruit platters symbolizing the island, the nature and the beauty of the island are presented at the end of the meal as a special good-bye dessert.

All the food and fresh produce are brought in from the best places in the world – only the best of the best is good enough for the guests at Taj Exotica Resort & Spa. Experienced Head Chef Malay has previously worked at several five star hotels and restaurants, including Grand Marriott and One & Only resorts.

Head Chef Malay likes to add little personal touches to his dishes, including homemade flavored salts, which perfectly enhances the flavors of a dish.
Deep End restaurant at Taj Exotica Resort& Spa Maldives is recognized worldwide and has won many awards for exquisite service and food. The Dessert OPERA has been specifically created at Taj Exotica and the whole experience never fails to wow a guest. A must try at the restaurant!!

Taj Exotica

Deep End Restaurant is the first restaurant in the Maldives to be ever featured in the infamous Conde Naste Traveller Magazine. Gaining recognition and fans from around the world, “everyday we are achievers” Mr. Hussain Shamil, the restaurant Manager said.

The beautiful service and exquisite food services makes Deep End very popular amongst guests, many of whom are repeaters. The staff make it a point to keep a special file on each guests arriving at the resort, hence giving them only the best, most personalized and bespoke service.

Taj Exotica Resort& Spa provides the most luxurious service you could have ever imagined – the Deep End fine restaurant is just a small piece of heaven served at Taj Exotica Resort & Spa Maldives.

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