Four Seasons, Building Communities

Maldives Promotion House – While taking off may mean a break from the touches of daily routine and busy life, it can also be an opportunity to experience the other people and places. It is also a chance to help distant communities locked away in the deep corners of the world.

Four Seasons hotels and resorts around the world have taken a stand to assist you get involved with what’s happening around the world. As mentioned in their website, they have a longstanding commitment to building communities, this summer, they are inviting tourists to get involved in local community initiatives.

“More and more, our guests want to dig deeper and learn about the places they visit, and have a positive impact,” General Manager of Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas, Luis Argote said.

“In Dallas, we’ve introduced a ‘Build a Birdhouse, Grow a Tree’ program. Working with the Texas Tree Foundation, we’re enhancing bird habitats among the 3000 trees that surround the Resort and raising money for forest preservation in the region,” Luis Argote added.

Many Four Seasons hotels and resorts are located among diverse communities that provide diverse opportunities. From making donations to local hospices or helping serve meals to the less fortunate to walking shelter dogs or reading to orphaned children, are among the various activities. They even provide chances to clean up parks and beaches, and even opportunities to spend a few hours volunteering at a museum.

“Volunteering is a wonderful thing that families can do together,” Armando Kraenzlin, the Regional Vice President and General Manager of Four Seasons Resorts Maldives said. “It’s a great learning experience, and sets children on a course for a lifetime of community participation and generosity towards others.”

Four Seasons hotels and resorts worldwide are also offering special packages which feature complimentary room nights and hotel credits. Families can often book a second room at half price, upgrade to a suite, or even rent a private residence, so that everyone can stay together at Four Seasons.

Guests in many destinations can join in local tree planting programs that support the company’s recent project that aims to plant “10 Million Trees”. This new global program was launched by Four Seasons in celebration of its 50th Birthday in 2011.

In Hawaii, guests can join efforts to plant up to 500,000 native Koa trees on the Big Island and even keep tabs on its growth with a GPS tag. They can also help in their latest initiative, the “Growing Together” program, by helping to plant 1,800 fruit, shade and flowering trees around the golf course in Costa Rica.

Guests have the opportunity to fill backpacks with food for needy children in Las Vegas through “Three Square Food Bank”. They can donate meals and other necessities to Mumbai’s street children through the “Vatsalya Foundation”, or contribute food and other necessities to dozens of charities worldwide.

Making a difference has never been easier, whether you wish to read to children at an orphanage in Jakarta or serve meals in a hospice in Buenos Aires, the opportunities are endless. Prague offers guests who participate in a cooking class with the hotel’s chef to help prepare a meal for local families in need.

In Mauritius, the Resort welcomes 60 local children to lunch each week, which guests can sponsor or join. Southern California offers guests to pick produce that will be donated to the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County.

Four Seasons hotels and resorts in London, St. Louis, Doha, Whistler and the island of Lanai work with local shelters, where guests are invited to walk dogs and spend time with animals in need. Hikers in Jackson Hole are encouraged to plant pheromone packets on white bark pines to help control destruction of forests by mountain pine beetles.

In the Maldives, guests can participate in the Resorts’ coral propagation program to restore reefs, among many other sustainability and community programs. The Marine Discovery Centre, opened last year, is a good starting point for finding ways to have a positive impact on the island nation of Maldives.

Tourists flock to landmark places like New York’s Central Park, Pinnacle Peak Park in Scottsdale, the beaches of the Seychelles and Hangzhou’s West Lake. Now, guests of Four Seasons can help preserve their beauty for all to enjoy by participating in cleanup programs.

In Philadelphia, local landmarks including the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Franklin Institute welcome volunteers to work at special events and exhibitions. In Tokyo, guests can learn to fold origami cranes to be added to Senbazuru strings, which bring together sets of 1000 cranes as a symbol of recovery to be sent to those affected by the recent earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis.

Guests can also join Four Seasons employees in a fundraising drive for the Japanese Red Cross by visiting the Living Values website.

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