Return of the Toddy Tapper at Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu

Toddy Tapper - Coco Palm Dhuni KolhuMaldives Promotion House – Coco Collection has taken up efforts to revive the fading local tradition and culture of the community. One such activity is the collection of ‘toddy’ from local trees which is done twice daily at Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu.. In turn the collected toddy is made available to guests at Cowrie Restaurant and Conch Bar to sample.

Toddy tapping used to be an important occupation in the Maldives, with the skill of climbing the coconut palm declared an art passed from father to son. Every island traditonally had at least three to four toddy tappers. There was always a favourite Toddy tapper depending on the consistency of freshness.

Toddy tappers – or Raaveriya – cut the end of he palm’s inflorescence, when is it ripe, and hang a pot specially made from coconut shells called “Gudi” wherer it is left to fill overnight. The toddy is collected the following day and transferred into a coconut container called “Raa badhi.” Sweetness differs according to the time of the collec- tion with thee vening toddy being the sweetest. Toddy is a tasty sweet drink however is often also used to make a form of liquid sugar, used in many local desserts..

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