Island style golfing at Kuredu

Kuredu golf Maldives Promotion House – Maldives compromises of small tiny islands scattered across the atolls. Kuredu resort is one such island but with a uniqueness to it, in comparison to the rest of the islands. In 2003, Kuredu became the first island resort in the Maldives to offer golfing and today boasts one of the only two golf courses in Maldives. A 6 hole Par 3 course with the average length of a hole at 55 yards, it might not be the largest, but definitely one of the most exquisite golf courses in the world.

One does not often associate Maldives with a lot of land based activities, but rather the beautiful pristine beaches and waters. Kuredu‘s golf course, while unique in Maldives, it also stands out in comparison to the international courses. 

There are few golf courses that offer the soothing accompaniment of the rhythm of the waves, and the gentle breeze afresh from the salt sea water, and the green palms and trees to give you that, with nature, feeling of relaxation. It offers a new experience for any pro golfer and the beginner or enthusiast as well.

The golf course provides the options of a full size driving range, shaded areas, hitting form grass areas to bunkers to give you that sandy feel. Before you take on someone for a big game, you might want to practice your short game at the putting green area available for guests.

The Kuredu Golf Club offers a lot of the services that you might expect from any golf course, and some more. You can choose to rent equipment, set up a training session with one of the PGA Qualified Head Pro trainers; and if your spouse wishes to relax while you perfect your put, they could lavish in delicious delights of a variety of beverages and food available at the bar, within the course.

Kuredu golf

If it is your first time or if you are a professional, it might be hard for you to stay away from putting, for a longer period of time. Either in the mid-day of the beautiful sunny days of Maldives, or at dusk, with the setting sun caressing the course with its golden rays, or if you choose so, under the starry night skies, just make yourself comfortable and hit away at the Kuredu golf course. Let this be one of those putts that even if you miss the hole, it still is one, to remember for a life time.

The friendly staff are one reason why those who have been to the course always grant them the highest of assessments in service. The Kuredu Golf Club offers you a guarantee of a life time experience that is exclusive and much enjoyed by the many that have had the opportunity and there is no reason why you cannot be one of those blessed ones. Put on some sun screen, gather your clubs and head way to the island feel golf course of Kruedu Resort.

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