Maldives: A Tropical Spa

Maldives Promotion House – Surrounded by its crystal clear lagoons of water enriched with minerals, Maldives itself is a Spa. Its ability to provide unmatched relaxation and the well-being and fitness of both the body and mind are among the wonders of Maldives. With a multitude of luxurious resort spas, spa is a must-try component of the Maldivian experience.

With its tropical environment, surrounded by its pure white sandy beaches and boundless waters, Maldives offers a path to thoroughly unwind and relax in a blissful environment. Massaging with oils and meditation have existed throughout the history of Maldives.

Sand massaging or scrubbing also known as “Velimodun” is one of the traditional forms of massaging carried out on the beach by Maldivians. Mostly done on a regular basis by the native fisherman, “Velimodun” exfoliates the skin, hastens the healing process of small wounds, and makes the skin more supple and soft.

While Maldives is home to about 100 resorts, more than 75 percent of them have designated Spas with professionally trained therapists. Each of these spas have soothing and innovative treatments designed to bring tranquility and peace to your life, body and mind, while balancing your senses.

Each with its own uniqueness and style, Resort Spas and Destination Spas are abundant in Maldives. While there are almost no Day Spas in the country, the spas at the resorts offers treatments on walking in and prior booking. Most of the resorts themselves offer the spa feel and spa areas of all resorts are calm and soothing. From the moment you arrive at a resort to the moment you leave you are pampered and relaxed by the calmness and hospitality.

Maldives is also home to the world’s first underwater spa treatment rooms. It is a place where the beauty of the unfathomable depths of the ocean meets with world class luxury, providing you with an unforgettable experience. Spa packages are also available for specific durations of time. Swimming pools, saunas, steam bath, water treatment showers, ceremonial bath areas, relaxing areas, garden treatment rooms, lagoon treatment rooms, beach treatment rooms, and open air treatment rooms are also available.

Treatments are designed with sensitivity to the guest experience, to revitalize and rejuvenate your sense and body with luxury while emphasizing on space and privacy as well. While treatments can also be provided on private islands, treatment rooms equipped with all the spa facilities including sensual oils are available for the private use of couples. Moreover couple massages given by professional therapists are also available. While all the spas provide beauty treatments such as facials, some of the spas also offer saloon services. Some resorts also offer spa villas and spa restaurants allowing you to spend a vacation in complete relaxation.

Some of the Maldivian spas are designed to inspire you with the ancient culture and tradition of this country. While some spas do offer visitors a complimentary health consultation, their variety of treatments utilizes the universal and life-giving properties of clean seawater, nutritious sea plants, minerals, essential oils and herbs.

Some of the treatments offered by spas include manicure, pedicure, waxing, and massages of the body and face that help to rejuvenate and enhance your body and soul. Adding to the relaxation is the beautiful environment of the Maldivian islands, from the soft whit sand banks surrounded by the azure blue lagoons to the tropical flora and fauna.

Spas in Maldivian resorts offer unmatched authenticity with various treatments. Moreover the spas are not limited to variety as they provide treatments of the grandest quality. The spas are never limited to just a small room and a table. Maldivian resorts offer relaxation treatments with the best facilities, that can take you to levels of bliss that you have never experienced before.

Maldives offers all the most well known international spa treatments along with local treatments. Maldives also has many international brands of spa. As a result many resorts in Maldives have won famous international spa awards, and Maldives as a destination also has won many international awards. Setting the benchmark for the world standard some of the Maldivian spa brands have even reached out into the international arena.

Maldives grants you the opportunity to relax and allow your senses to be compelled by welcoming smiles and the soothing, skilled hands of treatment therapists and professionals as they employ traditional restoratives, herbs, oils, spices and flowers combined with traditional rituals to relax your body, mind and soul.

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