ATM 2023 begins with overwhelming response to Maldives destination showcase

The Arabian Travel Market (ATM) 2023, the largest tourism fair in the Middle East, kicked off on Monday.

The fair, which is being held at the Dubai World Trade Centre from Monday to Thursday, sees the participation of a large team representing the Maldives, led by Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC).

At ATM 2023, the Maldives is showcased in a stand of 429 square metres, which is the largest stand the destination has hosted at the ATM.

“This is the largest contingent that the Maldives has brought to ATM in history. We are here with the biggest team,” said Thoyyib Mohamed, Managing Director of MMPRC.

The Maldives stand at the ATM has been designed to reflect the natural beauty of the country. Compared to the stands of other countries seen in the hall, the Maldives’ stand looks busy.

At the meeting tables in the stand, officials from Maldivian companies hold discussions with their existing and potential partners, while visitors gather at the entrance.

One of the most popular attractions among visitors at the Maldives stand is the 360 degree photo booths set up here. The booths give the opportunity to those who want to shoot photos with the breath-taking natural beauty of Maldives as the background in ‘slow motion’.

Exhibitors participating in the fair say that compared to previous years, the Maldives has organised its destination showcase better.

“This time, the space we got was much better compared to the previous years. The organising is also better this year,” said Hasan Falih, Director of Naalis Travels and Tours, who attended the ATM three times in the past.

“I attend at the ATM every year. It’s much better than the previous years,” said Ahmed Mauroof, Assistant Director of Sales at Coco Collection.

An exhibitor, who did not wish to be named, said, “There were minor problems in getting the badge, but the issue was also sorted out by MMPRC right before our departure.”

One of the most satisfying things, he pointed out, was the introduction of an online system to book meeting tables.

ATM 2023:

  • The fair will be held from Monday to Thursday
  • A total of 202 individuals representing 90 companies will represent the Maldives, in addition to MMPRC officials
  • On the second day of the fair, a press conference titled ‘Maldives Media Meet’ will be held; MMPRC Managing Director Thoyyib Mohamed, Maldivian ambassador to the UAE Aiminath Shabina and Maldives Underwater Initiative Base Leader Greg Holder will meet the press

In order to further promote the country among those visiting the Maldives stand at ATM, MMPRC is distributing promotional materials. These include Maldives Product Directory 2023, as well as Maldives Destination Guide 2023 in both English and Arabic, along with small items related to the Maldives.

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