Renew Your Vows at Kuramathi

Maldives Promotion House – Aah, the bliss of being together with your significant other. Spending quality time wherever you go, leaving a memory stamp of every wonderful moment and the sublime feeling of being in love could not be merely described in words.

The Renewal of Vows packages at Kuramathi Island Resort, is a splendid way to rekindle the fire of romance whilst on holiday. Chose from 3 distinct experiences to relive that special ceremony here on Kuramathi, where white sandy beaches, sun kissed waters, and lush flora act as perfect backdrop to the wonderful occasion.

The sandbank is an idyllic retreat, with its expanse of powder white sand stretched to a mile, surrounded by the gentle sounds of the lapping ocean. ‘I do’, at the sandbank is truly a moment not to be forgotten.

Opt for a traditional chapel-like setting at the Serenade Jetty, set over the turquoise lagoon looking out to the Indian Ocean. This intimate ambience radiates romance at its fullest.

The Maldivian atmosphere makes it all more special, with the swaying palm trees, the white sandy beaches and the turquoise ocean; the perfect atmosphere!

Pamper yourself with the surprising treats included within the package for the lovebirds. Homemade chocolates, sparkling wine, photographs in an album, 5 course candlelit dinner, and plenty to write home about.

So go on and tie the knot once again, at Kuramathi, where natural beauty caters to your every need.

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