Soneva celebrates Intl Ice Cream Day with cool new flavours, plant-based treats

To celebrate International Ice Cream Day on July 18, Soneva has launched a mouth-watering array of limited-edition flavours at its famed ice cream parlours.

Each of Soneva’s award-winning resorts in the Maldives and Thailand features a 24/7, complimentary ice cream room, where guests can sample a cool selection of home-made ice creams, plant-based nice creams and refreshing sorbets.

Much-loved classic scoops, such as vanilla, chocolate and salted caramel, are served alongside unique and unusual flavour combinations. All crafted in-house, many use local ingredients that are native to the island resorts, including cold-pressed organic coconut oil, banana blossom or fragrant screwpine fruit.

After extensive taste tests by the culinary team, all ice creams and sorbets at Soneva Jani are now completely dairy-, sugar- and gluten-free, and many are free from nuts, too.

With no compromise on flavour or texture (in fact, some testers found they were richer yet lighter than traditional dairy-based ice creams), this means that all guests can indulge in these delicious, chilled treats, no matter what their dietary requirements.

There is also a multitude of delectable plant-based, sugar-free alternatives at Soneva Fushi and Soneva Kiri, in keeping with Soneva’s SLOWLIFE philosophy that champions holistic wellbeing through a healthier, more sustainable way of living.

At Soneva Fushi’s So Cool ice cream parlour, the new limited-edition flavours include: the sugar-free and plant-based almond milk and rosemary, a blissful treat infused with fresh herbs; the adventurous bacon and mascarpone, studded with pieces of crispy bacon that marries sweet with savoury; and bonito pie, indulgently creamy with banana, cocoa nibs and a luscious toffee sauce.

At So Cool at Soneva Jani, the new, 100 per cent dairy-, sugar- and gluten-free varieties are: nice cream, a creamy taste sensation that combines coconut and cashew ice cream with turmeric and tamarind; peanut butter and dark chocolate, which features 72 per cent dark chocolate, chunky peanut butter and coconut cream; and coconut and kiwi sorbet, which blends fresh Maldivian coconut water with pureed kiwi and maple syrup.

Each Soneva ice cream parlour features a choice of 60 tempting artisan flavours – with a seasonal menu that evolves throughout the year.

Current favourites include a plant-based banana blossom stracciatella nice cream, a healthy screwpine, turmeric and coconut ice cream, packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, and a tangy pineapple and seaweed sorbet, inspired by tropical island flavours.

Soneva is a pioneering family of hospitality properties, offering holistic encounters in luxurious and inspiring environments – from world class resorts to outstanding natural locations.

Soneva Fushi, Soneva Jani and Soneva in Aqua in the Maldives, and Soneva Kiri in Thailand rebuke the traditional concept of luxury and instead promise the luxury of time, purity and solitude. Every day, guests are encouraged to discover sandy feet, inspired minds and full hearts.

Combining luxury with a conscientious approach to sustainability and the environment, and proactively changing the nature of hospitality, it delivers intuitive service and meaningful experiences to the guests.

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