Innahura Maldives Resort: antidote to lockdown blues

After the confines of lockdown, we all need some fun and carefree time in the sun, a place where smiles fill the day and anything goes.

The relaxed and vibrant atmosphere at Innahura Maldives Resort is the perfect antidote to the lockdown blues and is guaranteed to lift the spirits and reinstate the feel-good factor to all who visit.

Reopening on December 15, Innahura invites you to relax on its sandy beaches, splash in the turquoise lagoons and do whatever makes you happy – if that’s learning a new skill such as windsurfing or scuba diving, great, if it’s sitting on your terrace watching the amazing sunsets and getting a pizza delivered, that’s also possible!

Treat yourself to a massage at the spa to alleviate any stresses and strains brought on by poor posture while working from home and go on whatever adventures take your fancy – snorkelling safari or deserted sandbank picnics are just a couple of the experiences you can enjoy. Play games and sip cocktails. Party like you’ve not been able to do for months – at Innahura there are impromptu events and a scheduled programme of evenings in the bar, cocktails on the beach and movies under the stars.

If you’ve become accustomed to lockdown life and secretly liked the guarantee of the personal space it afforded, you will feel at home at Innahura – even when the island is full, it’s nowhere near ‘full’, there’s plenty of space to get lost in.

For peace of mind, Innahura is rolling out enhanced health and safety protocols under parent company Crown & Champa Resorts’ Safe Holiday Experience in Paradise programme.

Located in the northern Lhaviyani atoll, Innahura boasts 78 Beach Bungalows complemented by an overwater bar, main bar and a wholesome buffet style beachfront restaurant. This is the perfect getaway for the unpretentious and fun loving, whether young or naturally young at heart.

The wonderful thing about Innahura is that its riches don’t end with beaches – plenty of events and activities are at your fingertips, all with a Maldivian twist to them. Appreciate this beautiful country, its culture and its people through authentic experiences and spontaneous moments.

‘Here, Life is Easy’, Innahura’s approach is a cost-effective option for travellers to the Maldives who want a laid-back holiday.

A fun and easy atmosphere with a touch of local Maldivian flavours and minimal fuss encapsulates Innahura’s approach to getaways and the resorts purposefully crafted all-inclusive approach, AI Easy. The AI Easy programme is an affordable package which guests can enhance with additional purchases at any time with their favourite drinks, snacks, experiences and activities.

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