What drives my energy to get things done?

By Afeef Hussain

Too many people talk about ideas and getting things done. At times they deliver it, but in most cases procrastination comes in their way and things do not get delivered.

I remember when my friend and co-founder of the Maldives Association of HR Professionals Ahmed Ibrahim met me in late 2017 in Male, shared his idea around forming an association to drive human capital initiatives, my first question to him was what should I do to get this going. He said you need to sign this form so we can register our association. I did not ask a second question; just signed the form, rest is history, and as I write this post today, MAHRP is one of the most active HR professionals body in the Maldives driving and leading key human resource development initiatives. Thanks to the wonderful executive committee members and advisory team for their part in what we have achieved so far.

Therefore, the question is what drove my commitment and energy to sign that form, be a part of MAHRP, and take the lead. When I signed the form, what I saw was not just the name of MAHRP; I saw lives changing because of what we were about to do; I saw a fast track way to join the forces in valuing employees, organisations and making our people better because of our presence.

If we take a moment and conceptualise success or accomplishments, one could say it happened because of one’s talent, aptitude or it came to them as a gift. However, in most cases, we link attributes of success to hard work, persistence, perseverance, resilience, collaboration, and the list could go on.

When I take on a task, I always see me asking a question to myself; why am I doing it? Does it add value to others? Will the end receiver become a better person because of what I am about to do? These questions always help me to link with what drives my energy.

Nothing can beat one’s commitment, perseverance and the attitude of wanting to get things done.

MAHRP is just one example of many things that I contribute wholeheartedly.

I remember my speaking proposals being rejected 16 times before I first spoke to an international audience in 2012. Since then, I have spoken in 26 different countries, on 46 platforms.

As I share this post, MAHRP have celebrated two years. MAHRP, its exco, and co-founders Ahmed Ibrahim and Ali Adam, together with the advisory team, have proven that if we are committed, we can go the extra mile quickly, but if we are not committed the extra mile will be quite a long journey.

When I wake up every day I ask this question: What can I do today to make my team, company, community, nation a better place? When you start asking this question daily, your to-do list never ends. That’s what drives my energy every day!

Note: Afeef Hussein is the Regional Director of Training, Development and Quality Assurance at LUX* Resorts & Hotels. He also serves as the President of Maldives Association of HR Professionals (MAHRP), and is an intentionally certified and recognised keynote speaker and coach.

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