Sheraton Introduces Cocktail Classes

Maldives Promotion HouseSheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa is now offering you a chance to learn how to make their best cocktails. With the help of the Cocktail Classes Sheraton has introduced they will share with guests, the recipes of their most requested and signature cocktails.

“A lot of our guests are enticed by the signature cocktails that have been conjured by our skilled bartenders. We wanted to go the extra step and connect with our guests by showing how to make their favorite drinks as well sharing the recipes,” Executive Assistant Manager for Food & Beverage Mr. Moon Kang, said.

“After all, we at Sheraton always believe that life is better when shared and felt that sharing the recipes with our guests was a truly memorable experience which they get to take back home and impress their friends and family,” Moon added.

The cocktail classes are scheduled every Sunday from 03:00 PM to 05:00 PM at the Anchorage Bar – Sheraton Maldives Resort.

Sheraton Maldives has also shared the recipe for their signature cocktail, the famed Senorita Mojito.


Half Lime – Approx. 10g

02 Table spoons of Brown Sugar

Hand full of Mint Leaves

40ml of Bacardi Gold Rum

10ml of Elderflower Cordial

03pcs of Lychee

30ml of Soda



Put all the ingredients in to an old fashioned glass and smash with a muddler. Once done, fill the glass with crushed ice.

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