Hurawalhi Maldives’ 5.8 Undersea Restaurant introduces vegan menu

Hurawalhi Maldives’ 5.8 Undersea Restaurant has introduced a vegan menu, bringing the global trend of vegan fine dining to the jewel in the resort’s crown.

The inspiration behind this latest addition is a recent work trip by the resort’s Executive Chef Warren Moore. The young, ambitious and creative South African spent time in Switzerland, where he had the opportunity to work alongside two renowned chefs: Stefan Heilemann at Ecco Zürich and Patrick Mauler at Park Hotel Vitznau.

Stefan, who brings two Michelin stars to Ecco, creates magic on the plate by using Asian fusion coupled with full, robust flavours of classic, rich cuisine. Patrick, Chef de Cuisine at Focus right at the banks of Lake Lucern, equally awarded two Michelin stars, bases his dishes on local cuisine and works with a fermentation process, bringing out loads of flavour to his culinary creations.

“Both chefs are as equally as great as the next but what sets them apart are the process and execution skills. Patrick is a chef dedicated to presentation and operates every dish with precision and dominance. Stefan seems to have a radical but cool approach to execution with a full body of flavour to every bite that he serves,” Chef Warren says.

This experience reflects on the the 5.8 Undersea Restaurant’s vegan menu. Chef Warren’s approach to the strictly vegan menu is coupled with both Asian fusion influence as well as fermentation process.

“All dishes for the vegan menu, available for lunch and dinner including all private dining occasions at 5.8 Undersea Restaurant, consist of gaining as much flavour as possible naturally to really bring out the essence of the healthy and natural vegan cuisine,” Chef Warren explains.

One of the highlights of the new vegan menu is Smoked Miso Fermented Aubergine. The fermenting process lasts for five days and thereafter the produce is bathed in a sous vide bath for 90 minutes, capturing all of the smokiness through the aubergine to give off that barbecue grill taste. The dish is then dressed with potato and cauliflower mousse with hints of lemongrass, soiled in a turmeric, coriander and coconut broth with hints of mild Maldivian chili.

Another vegan highlight is the Sweet Pea Tartare – young sweet pea shelled and rested with fusion oil consisting of basil, rosemary and thyme with delicate hints of dried celery salt – quinoa with caramelised onion as the base with a trilogy of pea textures. The dish is sauced with delicate aromatic Asian flavours consisting of galangal, tomato, lime juice, passion, paprika and honey.

Officially inaugurated in January 2016, the five-star Hurawalhi resort is accessible by a 40-minute scenic seaplane flight from the main airport, and offers 90 villas, including 60 Ocean Villas and 30 Beach Villas, for grown-ups who are seeking luxury and innovation. The villas are stylishly and beautifully conceived featuring soothing décor, sumptuous linens on king size beds, bleached wooden floors, and private terraces with panoramic views.

There is an ocean of delights to take in at Hurawalhi: dining at 5.8 Undersea Restaurant, snuggling up with your darling under a blanket or sparkling stars on the iconic Dream Island sandbank, falling in love with the plethora of marine life on the island’s doorstep – in fact, one visit to the resort is hardly enough to experience it all.

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