First Nespresso showroom in Maldives opens

Liquid Private Limited has opened the first ever Nespresso showroom in Maldives.

The outlet, located at M. Dhoores on Orchid Magu, was opened Saturday evening with a special tasting event for journalists and corporate executives.

Since 2009, Liquid Private Limited has been the exclusive distributor for Nespresso products in the Maldives.

The new Nespresso showroom offers a layout and design that enhances the customer experience by enabling them to engage easily with all the products on offer. With a careful selection of Nespresso Original coffee machines and their accessories as well as Nespresso Original coffee capsules, the space is solely designed to provide customers with a personalised and unique shopping experience.

A total of 28 aromatic flavours in the Nespresso Original capsule range is available from the showroom. The Nespresso coffee machines available from the showroom are sold with warranty and guaranteed after sales service at Liquid Private Limited’s dedicated After Sales Service Centre.

As a sustainability initiative, the Nespresso showroom will also collect used Nespresso coffee capsules and send them to a recycling facility overseas. A recycling bin has been placed at the showroom to collect used Nespresso coffee capsules.

Along with the showroom opening, Liquid Private Limited has also introduced ‘The Barista Creations’ coffee capsules and Nespresso Cookies for the first time to the Maldives.

Headquartered in Switzerland, Nestlé Nespresso is the pioneer of the highest-quality portioned coffee and is present in 76 countries across the globe. Playing an essential role in sustainability, the brand ensures a supply of high quality coffee whilst also improving the livelihoods of their farmers and communities, through its AAA Sustainable QualityTM Programme.

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