Velaa Private Island’s coral restoration project achieves milestone with 1K coral transplants

Velaa Private Island’s Marine Biology Team has transplanted 1,000 nursery grown corals back to the resort’s house reef.

In an announcement, Velaa said these corals will provide food and shelter to many fish and invertebrate species, and are already helping to increase the health of the reef.

“Come snorkel our house reef to see these new corals or even transplant a few yourself,” the announcement read.

Velaa Private Island’s Marine Biology Team at work. PHOTO/ VELAA

Coral restoration is a widely practiced field in the Maldives. Both local and resort islands employ strategies to preserve remaining coral cover and restore the abundance and diversity of corals that previously surrounded islands.

As part of its environmental commitment and social responsibility, Velaa has implemented a highly successful coral restoration project based on the method of using large-scale nurseries.

A three spot dsacyllus in nursery coral fragment. PHOTO/ VELAA

The aim of this restoration project is to increase the abundance and diversity of coral colonies on the reef to promote a more self-sustaining ecosystem and increase overall reef biodiversity. The emphasis is on holistic restoration by using a variety of coral genotypes and morphologies to maintain the structural integrity and genetic diversity of the reef.

This project consists of two phases, a nursery phase to cultivate coral fragments for one to two years, and a transplantation phase where the corals are taken from the nurseries after cultivation and cemented back to the nearby reef.

Coral team monitoring their babies. PHOTO/ VELAA

Tucked away within the collection of islands that form the northern Noonu atoll, Velaa Private Island is elegantly positioned to overlook enchanting vistas of a cerulean ocean. Its name derived from generations of sea turtles that flock there to nest and hatch; it is comprised of 47 private villas, houses and exclusive residences. The resort also includes a Romantic Pool Residence which can only be reached by boat.

At Velaa Private Island, all details have been considered: each villa comes with a personal butler, all services offered can be tailored to personal specifications. Attention to detail everywhere is also impeccable: stone pavements from the desert in Jordan, Indonesian flowerpots, luxury wood panelling from Borneo, and glimmering Italian marble.

Named one of the world’s Top Five Best Hotels and more recently the ‘Best Wedding Hotel in the Maldives’, Velaa Private Island offers endless exclusive opportunities. These unique offerings include the Maldives’ first and only snow room, the largest and most extensive wine collection in the region, one of the few Maldivian resorts with a private submarine, an extraordinary kids’ club conceptualised as the world’s ideal kids’ club by the owner’s seven-year-old daughter, and the only resort in Asia with a My Blend by Clarins spa.

Personalising and tailoring the entirety of the island depending on specific requirements, there is no limit to ensure the ultimate experience. Guests can sit back in the knowledge that the island’s highly trained and dedicated butlers will cater to each and every whim. Whether it is watching a spectacular fireworks display within the Maldivian night sky, dancing into the early hours with an Al fresco live music event, stepping aboard the island’s private yacht for a glamorous sunset cruise or enjoying a private, open air cinema night, anything is possible. Other interactive activities perfect for private groups include gourmet cooking classes with one of the resort’s chefs or wine tasting within the Maldives’ largest wine cellar.

For those looking to get involved in some Indian Ocean adventure, Velaa’s new high-tech water toys, including the hover board, jetpack and fly board serve as the definitive adrenaline rush. While discovering the wonders beneath the island’s welcoming waters, guests can learn to dive or simply snorkel the coral rainbow.

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