Britons Honeymoon Spending Rising: Maldives Is Their Favourite Destination

Maldives Promotion House – A survey has found the amount of money newlyweds are planning to spend on their honeymoon has increased over the past five years.

The average cost of a honeymoon rose to £4,063 this year, as many Britons consider “honeymoons as still the most important holiday couples will ever go on”.

The survey by showed that five years ago honeymooners were spending a £2,963 for their post-wedding getaways. In 1998, newlyweds spent just £1,522 on average.

With honeymoons costing more and more, the value of making sure they are covered by a travel insurance policy has become increasingly important.

In the poll, Maldives has emerged as the most popular honeymoon destination. The Caribbean and the Seychelles are also quite popular.

Lesser than 1% intend to spend their honeymoon in the UK at places such as Edinburgh, the Isle of Wight and the Scottish lochs.

Alison Couper, the director of communications, said: “Couples are prepared to pay for the privilege, with some now even choosing for their wedding guests to contribute to the honeymoon instead of a traditional gift list.”

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