W Maldives, Celebrates Independence Day, Like No Other

Maldives Promotion House – Like any other grand celebration, Independence Day is celebrated throughout Maldives. One of the places where the Independence Day is celebrated like no other is W Retreat & Spa Maldives. Since 2008 W Talents have been celebrating 26th July like no other resort has ever celebrated. Since the origin of Starwood and W brand is the United States of America, in W Maldives the day is celebrated the same as 4th July in the United States.

The celebrations began at 6:00AM of 26th July, with a flag hosting ceremony where they hosted the national flag of Maldives with the national anthem. Almost all the Talents regardless of where they came from are all gathered for this ceremony. A Maldivian Talent then delivered a short keynote about the history of the Maldivian Independence and other cultural events carried out during the day.

The celebrations then continued with congratulations from the General Manager of the resort who wished all Maldivian Talents on the occasion. For the ceremony they designed a special T-shirt or Jersey with the red, green or white colour and the national flag. The new T-shirts were worn by the Talents throughout the day.

After the flag hosting all Talents stretch up and prepared for a marathon around the island five times carrying a small Maldivian flag. A special and local type of breakfast was served afterwards.

For the evening session at 4:00PM the resort presented Maldivian cultural events such as Bodu Mas Hifun, Maali, and Boduberu among others. The full day event of Maldives Independence Day was wrapped up with a special dinner and music shows plus Talent dances followed by DJ.

“We call ourselves Talents in W and we take the pride of being here with passion and discipline. Discipline Pride & Passion in W with Talented Talents,” a W Talent said.

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