Regional Impact of Tourism To be Discussed at International Conference

Maldives Promotion House – The second International Conference on the Measurement and Economic Analysis of Regional Tourism is scheduled to be held in Bilbao, Spain from 27th to 29th October of this year. The conference will discuss issues of special importance to regional tourism, including how to analyze tourism flows and maximize their economic impact.

The conference aims to promote more informed and effective policy design at the regional level, through research on economic impacts and territorial relations, as well as the application of new technologies for the measurement of tourism flows.

It also serves as an important forum for knowledge exchange among all tourism sector academics, professionals, enterprises, and institutions involved with regional or local tourism destinations.

The central themes of the conference are Policy-making for Seizing the Economic Potential of Tourism Destinations, New Technologies and Innovation: Empowering Regional Tourism Stakeholders, and Linking Regional Economics, Mobility, and Tourism in Applied Research.

The conference is being co-organized by the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the General Secretariat of Tourism and Domestic Trade of Spain, and the Department of Industry, Innovation, Trade, and Tourism of the Basque Autonomous Community through the Basque Tourism Agency (Basquetour).

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