Snorkelling excursions on Maafushivaru

Maafushivaru – Situated in a prime spot to spot excellent underwater life, Maafushivaru is your ticket for some vivid encounters with the wild. We will guide you through the best sites for snorkelers, so gear up for your next aquatic adventure.

Boli Thila is the first pick. Reached in 20 minutes, you’re bound to meet and greet turtles, varieties of soft corals and reef fish comprising of snappers and groupers. Basic level of snorkelers can ace through this site.

Manta Point, as the name suggests get you close to these graceful creatures of the sea. Best during November till February, this is an experience not to be missed as sightings are almost guaranteed. Beginner to advanced levels can partake in this excursion.


Pro Tip: Mantas can be identified easily by taking a photograph of its belly. Black distinct marks tell if the manta has been registered. If it isn’t already registered, you’re lucky since you get the chance to name them! Do speak with our dive team dive team on arrival to get more info on this.

Night snorkeling is also available for advanced level snorkelers. Plunge into the water and discover enthralling marine life after the sun sets, opening your eyes to the strange and queer behaviour of nocturnal animals when it’s dark on the house reef.

Whale Shark snorkelling is the holy grail of snorkelling experiences in Maafushivaru. After all it’s not every day you get to swim next to the biggest fish in the ocean and live to tell about it. The journey to this site takes approximately an hour and is a rewarding moment. You are guided by the resident marine biologist who explains cool facts about the gentle giant of the sea.

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