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Yoni Klein Win Maldives Open Surfing Championship



Asian Surfing Championship – After two days of perfect weather and surfs, Yoni Klein has won the Asian Surfing Championship Maldives Open 2015 by defeating Raditya Rondi at the finals in Lohis. Rina Kitazawa succesfully defended her title in Women’s division. Ali Khusruwan claimed Bodyboarding division by beating Ali Javid.

The championship was concluded with the awarding ceremony which took place on 16th September at Lhohis, Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi. The Honorable Minister of Youth and Sports, Ahmed Zuhoor attended the event as the chief guest alongside the Managing Director of Maldives Marketing and PR Corporation (MMPRC), Abdulla Ziyath. At the ceremony which took place yesterday evening, Minister Ahmed Zuhoor presented the awards for the main category which was the “Men’s Open” category. Managing Director of MMPRC, Abdulla Ziyath handed the awards for the “Body Boarding” category, followed by the awards for the “Women’s Open” category for which the awards were presented by the Secretary General of the Football Association of Maldives (FAM), Bassan Adil Jaleel.

Maldives Open 2015 was a collaborative effort from Maldives Body Boarding Association (MBBA), Ministry of Tourism and the Asian Surfing Championship (ASC) under a signed MOU for 5 years, starting 2014. This was the 2nd annual event for this championship which ended successfully. This event is hosted by the Adaaran HudhuranFushi Resort every year as the primary host.

Several local and international participants were given special awards from ASC, for the recognition for their efforts throughout the competition. The President of MBBA, Abdulla Areef and the vice president of MBBA, Mohamed Khushruwan Ahmed later on expressed their support towards helping the disabled, by giving a generous donation to the Maldives Association of the Physical Disables (MAPD). Afterwards, Certificates of Appreciation were also handed out to all the sponsors by Abdulla Areef for their support and help in making the event a success.

The event concluded with a cultural performance by a boduberu group and a cocktail reception hosted by the Adaaran Resort. This event is the third International surfing event to take place in Maldives after O’Neill and Sri Lankan Airlines Pro Surfing Event, which went off tremendously well with a lot of support from the participants and sponsors. Such events would further put Maldives as a sought after surf destination in the global arena.

Men’s Open
1) Yoni Klein (Israel) – 13.13 pts
2) Raditya Rondi (Indonesia) – 11.83 pts
3rd) Garut Widiarta (Indonesia)/Made Adi Putra (Indonesia)

1) Ali Khushruwan (Maldives) – 14.00 pts
2) Ali Javed (Maldives) – 13.23 pts
3rd) Gavin Botha (South Africa)/Ahmed Rasheed

Women Open
1) Rina Kitazawa (Japan) – 13.17 pts
2) Kailani Johnson (USA/Indonesia) – 10.13 pts
3) Caity Griffin (USA) – 9.86 pts
4) Amy Kotch (USA) – 8.13 pts


Catch the wind with Kitesurfing World Champion Youri Zoon at COMO Cocoa Island



Embark on an exhilarating kitesurfing odyssey from May 6th to 20th, 2024, at COMO Cocoa Island alongside Youri Zoon, celebrated for seizing the kitesurfing world championship twice. Under his seasoned guidance, amplify your kitesurfing prowess, whether you’re a neophyte craving the fundamentals or a seasoned aficionado striving for intricate manoeuvres and airborne thrills.

Kitesurfing merges windsurfing, surfing, and wakeboarding for a dynamic water sport. Using controllable kites, riders harness wind power to glide across the ocean’s surface while being set against the backdrop of endless horizons and azure waters.

Throughout his residency, Zoon will conduct guided kitesurfing sessions, offering novices a gentle introduction to the sport or empowering veterans to elevate their abilities. Additionally, Zoon will host enlightening COMO Conversations, delving into his personal journey to kitesurfing eminence and the obstacles he surmounted along the way.

Guests may arrange activities with Zoon at their leisure, with plenty of time to make the most of our private island comforts, from massage treatments at COMO Shambhala to sandbank dinners under the stars and more.

Hailing from the Netherlands, Zoon’s affinity for kiteboarding burgeoned at the tender age of 13. A prodigious talent, he swiftly amassed accolades, securing victories at the Junior European Championships and Dutch Nationals in his inaugural year. Subsequently clinching the world title in 2011 and 2012, Zoon’s enduring passion for the sport fuels his ongoing commitment to mentorship and coaching, ensuring his legacy endures both on and off the water.

Nestled within South Male Atoll, COMO Cocoa Island beckons discerning travelers with its intimate enclave of 33 overwater villas. Renowned for its iconic Dhoni Water Villas, which pay homage to Maldivian maritime heritage, this idyllic retreat offers a sanctuary of tranquillity and indulgence. Accessible via a scenic 40-minute speedboat journey from Velana International Airport, COMO Cocoa Island promises an unrivalled blend of luxury and seclusion.

For details on COMO Hotels and Resorts or to plan your next escape, please visit

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Visit Maldives collaborates with Surf Session and Kyllian Guerin to promote the Maldives as a leading surf destination



Visit Maldives has collaborated with ‘Surf Session’, a media platform dedicated to surfing. An exciting familiarisation trip and a digital campaign was conducted to promote the Maldives as a leading surf destination in the French market. The digital campaign was conducted on social media and the Surf Session website.

During the first part of the campaign, a young surfer, Kyllian Guerin, accompanied Surf Session on a week-long trip where he surfed and explored the best waves of the Maldives. Ayada Maldives, Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi, and Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives hosted this familiarisation trip. Kyllians’ journey was captured and brand content in the form of Instagram stories, posts, articles and banners were disseminated on Kyllian Guerin and Surf Session social media platforms and official website. As for the second part of the campaign, digital and print articles highlighted the surf lifestyle in the Maldives and were published on Surf Session website. Additionally, an exciting video of Kyllian’s journey in the Maldives was posted on YouTube, showcasing the beauty of the surf spots of the destination.

The campaign strengthened Maldives’ presence as a premium surf destination and drove excitement among Surf Session’s readership and surfing community. The campaign increased visibility for French surfers and further strengthened the Maldives brand in the French market. Collaborating with prestigious media like Surf Session and influential personalities like Kyllian Guerin allows MMPRC to capture the attention of potential surfers and travel enthusiasts alike, encouraging them to choose the Maldives as their preferred holiday destination. The entire campaign resulted in over a collective reach of 919,209.00.

The current ranking of France is at #8 with 41,072 arrivals as of 31st October 2023. MMPRC is consistently promoting the Maldives in the French market through various marketing activities. This year, we conducted a campaign with Vogue France and IFTM Top Resa 2023. We also plan to promote the Maldives at ILTM Cannes 2023 later this year. These marketing activities ensure the Maldives remain a top-of-mind destination for travellers from the French market.

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Joel Parkinson’s perfect ten-in-a-row secures historic win at Four Seasons Maldives Surfing Champions Trophy



In an astonishing display of skill and determination, Australian surfer Joel Parkinson achieved an unprecedented feat by scoring a perfect ten-in-a-row at the Four Seasons Maldives Surfing Champions Trophy, securing a historic victory. After four days of intense competition, Parkinson’s flawless performance in all three rounds and the grand final solidified his status as a surfing legend.

Following consecutive days of rest, during which contestants explored the luxurious offerings of the Four Seasons resort, the final showdown took place at the pristine Sultans surf break. The world championship match-up featured Joel Parkinson and Adriano de Souza, who had previously shared a unique experience swimming with sharks during the event.

The clash between these surfing titans began with Parkinson showcasing his signature carves, earning him a commendable score of 7.0. De Souza responded shortly after with an 8.0 for a powerful layback jam. Back-and-forth exchanges followed, with Parkinson and de Souza pushing their limits to gain an edge. Parkinson managed a 7.27, but de Souza’s impressive ride on one of the longest waves of the competition allowed him to regain a slight lead with a score of 6.57.

As the competition heated up, Parkinson’s strategic wave choices and ocean reading skills proved pivotal. His expert selection of waves led to a remarkable sequence, climaxing with a spectacular ride that earned him an exceptional 9.10 score. With less than a minute left in the final heat, Parkinson’s final wave, highlighted by his breathtaking turns, secured a 9.0 score, tipping the scales in his favor.

With both surfers awaiting the judges’ scores in the channel, the tension was palpable. De Souza, in a gracious display, secured an 8.6 for his best wave, putting additional pressure on Parkinson. Despite the heightened challenge, Parkinson’s final wave earned him the necessary points to clinch victory with a score of 7.57. As the announcement was made, Parkinson raised the Four Seasons Maldives Surfing Champions Trophy in triumph.

Reflecting on his unparalleled accomplishment, Parkinson expressed his disbelief, stating, “Ten from ten! I definitely didn’t expect that, and for it all to come down to the last minute of the last heat is as good as it gets.” He acknowledged the role of his experience and familiarity with the surf break in maintaining his momentum throughout the competition.

De Souza, though not victorious, maintained a positive perspective. “Just to get the invitation to spend a week here was amazing, I had the best time,” he shared. “Congratulations to Joel, he surfed so well in every division.” De Souza’s journey throughout the event included adapting to new surfing equipment, such as single fins, twin fins, and thrusters.

Parkinson also praised the overall experience, highlighting the camaraderie among competitors. “Staying at the Four Seasons feels like a family holiday with a sprinkle of competition on the side,” he remarked. The event not only showcased the competitors’ competitive drive but also their mutual respect and enjoyment of the sport.

As the sun set on this unforgettable event, Joel Parkinson’s unprecedented achievement will undoubtedly be remembered as a defining moment in the history of surfing. The Four Seasons Maldives Surfing Champions Trophy showcased the essence of the sport, combining skill, strategy, and the sheer joy of riding the waves in one of the world’s most breathtaking locales.

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