Meet the Sleep Ambassadors at Six Senses Laamu

Sleep Ambassadors Six Senses Laamu – Meet our Yogic Sleep Ambassadors! Piyada Phongphaet and Vinod Narayanan have made sleep their business! When guests join the Six Senses Spas Yogic Sleep program these skilled hosts provide helpful tips and take care of all the important details to ensure a good night’s rest.

The Six Senses Yogic Sleep program strives to rejuvenate the body and the mind, to reduce stress levels and as a result improve sleep quality and enhance one’s sense of well-being. Additionally, the program helps enhance attention span and improve creativity and overall mood. It can also lead to the discovery of your true inner self.  This is achieved with a series of yoga techniques such as yoga nidra (yogi sleep) and pranayama (breathing exercises), guided meditation and also by traditional ayurvedic and holistic treatments.

In order to maximize the overall effect of this program Six Senses Laamu has created the role of Sleep Ambassadors, or sleep butlers. These hosts guide guests through the Six Senses Yogic Sleep Program and offer expert advice on techniques and personalize the program so each guest gets the greatest benefit from the program.

When a guest joins the Six Senses Yogic Sleep program, they begin with a wellness consultation which establishes the areas that need to be focused on in order to make their program most effective. The consultation may identify fitness, nutritional or stress-related deficiencies. The Sleep Ambassador coordinates class and treatments reservations, shares nutritional advice and ensures villa accommodations are optimized for ideal sleep conditions. This includes ensuring interior room temperatures are set between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit (20 to 22 degrees Celcius), lighting is controlled, and at turn down essential oil burners are lit and herbal tea served. High quality sheets and bedding are also key when to improve the quality of sleep and induce a good night’s rest.

Vinod comes from Kerala, India the home of ayurvedic medicine. His ayurvedic studies were completed in India where he obtained a Diploma in Ayurvedic Healthcare Practice and Panchakarma. In addition to his expertise in ayurvedic treatments, he specializes in natural healing and nutrition. He is a health and fitness coach and also conducts Laughter Yoga, Aerial Yoga and Pranayama classes at the resort. His calm and approachable character in addition to his extensive experience puts guests at ease and results in lengthy discussions due to his abundant wealth of knowledge.

Piyada comes from Thailand with extensive experience in energy and sound healing. With a diploma in Physiology along with numerous certificates in Thai, Aromatherapy and Swedish massage, Piyada is very knowledgeable about well-being and the functions of the body. Aside from treatments Piyada offers Reiki and Six Senses Singing Bowl Sound Healing sessions at the resort. She is approachable and her presence alone helps to ground and relax guests.

Sweet Dreams…

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