Culinary delights at Maafushivaru

Maafushivaru – There is more to basking in the sun, swimming the tropical waters, and sauntering the soft sandy beaches in the Maldives while on holiday. All those strenuous activities would whet one’s appetite for a lovely feast anytime, and that’s one thing we have created at Maafushivaru; a potpourri of delightful delicacies to indulge in day or night.

You are first introduced to the Cuisine Gallery, your main restaurant hosting a contemporary buffet. Globally acclaimed dishes, traditional curries, and irresistible confectionaries beckon their way towards your plate with the alluring aromas. Themed evenings take place every night ranging from Mediterranean to Asian, even transitioning into a Maldivian night infused with a taste of culture and rich heritage as well.

Savour the exotic Japanese food while witnessing the flair of live cookery on the traditional Teppan by our chefs at 135° East. Emanating an ambience that drifts your mind and appetite to the land of the rising sun, you are given delectable platters of favourites. Begin with sushis such as unagi (eel), sake (salmon) and saba (mackerel), to get prepared for pure taste bud pleasers like the Wagyu Beef on offer.

Next you are given the options to dine à la carte. Order your ideal meal from Barbeque where a delicious menu awaits, from seafood platters, grilled meats to healthy salads. You could also order a simple snack, whether it’s a sandwich of your liking or continental breakfast if you prefer a lie in on a lazy day.

You could also visit Lonubo  with your partner for an extraordinary dining experience. Dine and imbibe in style. Indulge in a five course menu when our chef prepares exotic fare for that special evening. Arrive at Lonubo by 7 pm and begin your culinary journey with your partner, with the dancing shorelines and glittering stars perfecting your experience.

Decide over the varieties at Maafushivaru, and pamper yourself with the zesty recipes!

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