Catamaran cruising across Rasdho Atoll


Maldives Promotion House – Did it ever cross your mind to take a catamaran on a fine, sunny day, gracefully gliding across the sun kissed waters, admiring the vista of the sky blue meeting the turquoise over the horizon? Well, that’s pretty much a normal day at Kuramathi. Catamaran sailing is an art that requires precision and a calm sense of mind: all that you need, to master the seas.

Aqua Sports & Fun offers the privilege to try catamaran sailing for the water sports enthusiasts, ardent sailors, to thrill seekers who wish to experience the Maldivian waters. The catamarans come in two sizes; K1, which boasts a mainsail towering up to 14 metres, stretching to a length of 5 metres and the K2, which is a slightly smaller version comprising of a mainsail, hoisted up to 13 metres, extending to 13 metres in length. Skilled sailors may use the specifications to their advantage, while newbies may just chose what they please! Each carries a maximum of 4 persons, including the skipper, although certified sailors can take charge of the vessel without the skipper.

For those seeking adventure, why not try the Full Day excursion on a catamaran, as you embark on a voyage of the Rasdhoo Archipelago, stopping over at two different islands (Veligandu and Madivaru Finolhu). Food and drinks are also provided in this excursion, making your journey even more pleasurable.

Sign up for a course, muster up your courage, and come learn sailing with us. Your dedication will be rewarded by mind-blowing scenery, and the peace instilled by drifting across the waves like a true sailor.

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