Romantic gastronomic experiences at Kuramathi

Maldives Promotion House – As an all-inclusive resort with heavy focus on the art of dining and wining, Kuramathi Island Resort flaunts some of the best culinary experiences for the different guests welcomed to the island. Comprising of 9 restaurants, cuisines are a potpourri of tastes, from the exclusive fare of the Mediterranean shores to the taste bud tingling spices of the Far East. And that’s not all; premium yet meticulous selection of wines come from famous wine producing regions such as Burgundy in France, Mendoza in Argentina, Spain, Marlborough region in New Zealand and California in the United States. If however, you wish to go for a more exclusive and private venture, that’s also on offer – with private dining experiences

Set at three different locations, each is a unique experience letting you indulge in an exquisite five course meal. The Lobster Dinner, sited on a remote location on the beach facing the lagoon, is recommended for those interested in trying the fine, tender meat of the Spiny Maldivian Lobster. Rekindle your love with the Romance Dinner. As the name suggests, you will be taken on a gastronomic adventure where you will feast beside the lapping shores beneath the stars, amidst the island’s greenery. The well-picked favourite and a sanctuary for lovers is the Serenade Dinner. It offers dining at an over water gazebo surrounded by the turquoise lagoon. It provides a panoramic vista as you eat and drink a tempting array of dishes.

Ponder over the choice of private dining options that would suit your needs whether it is to celebrate a special occasion, to mark an anniversary or even to propose to your significant other. They all provide the perfect setting. Guests interested in experiencing one of private dinners can do so, by registering at receptions. Come now, and experience Kuramathi at its finest. This is an experience not to be missed; when was the last time you dined and wined with your love all by yourself at a picture-perfect setting.

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