MATATO presents Dr Joel Freeman Live in Maldives – Maldives Association for Travel Agents and Tour Operators (MATATO) has announced a corporate seminar, Dr. Joel Freeman Live in Maldives.

Dr. Freeman is an internationally sought-after conference speaker and workshop facilitator and author of many best-selling books in 28 foreign translations, “CREATE THE DEMAND” endorsed by Steve Forbes, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Ben Carson, and Ken Blanchard.

“Dealing with people who drive you CRAZY” – leadership, teamwork, conflict resolution and emotional intelligence.

A study at the Carnegie Foundation has indicated that 15% of financial and career success can be attributed to technical competence, while 85% is due to good interpersonal skills. Everyone is different. Some are thinkers, others are doers, some are passive and others are aggressive. This event will discuss on how interpersonal skills can be enhanced at both work and home in four areas.

  1. Identify three areas of potential conflict and strategies for addressing them.
  2. Better understand the gift of greater self-awareness, along with ways to enhance accountability and collaboration with team members for betterment of the whole.
  3. See how Blind spots can be revealed and addressed.
  4. Enhance understanding of the somewhat predictable (and humorous) reactions of other people to stress, pressure and conflict.

The seminar will be held on 4th Sept 2016 at FHTS, Maldives National University.

This seminar workshop is part of MATATO initiative to provide: productive and affordable training programs for Maldives Tourism sector.

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