Atmosphere Kanifushi: Creating sustainable holidays in Maldives

Atmosphere Kanifushi by Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts is located in one of the most pristine corners of the Maldives, the Lhaviyani Atoll. This five-star property is on a mission to provide excellence, not just in creating memorable travel experiences but also preserving the delicate tropical ecosystem for generations to come. At Kanifushi island, sustainable practices can be seen in every aspect of resort management.

“While the wellbeing of our guests remains on the forefront, we commit ourselves to carry out our operations in a most sustainable manner, taking every step to minimise operational impact on environment,” says Mei P. Pun, the General Manager of Atmosphere Kanifushi.

In keeping with Green Globe standards and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Atmosphere Kanifushi is accelerating the drive to bring sustainable practices to this wonderful natural island.

Energy management

Small changes can bring a positive impact. Energy-saving tactics can be seen across the resort. From LED bulbs to solar panel installations (of 400 kW Capacity) and the use of high-efficiency equipment and energy-saving devices. During the orientation session, employees and staff members are trained on environmental policy, including energy-saving practices.

Water & waste management

The resort uses its own water and does not pollute any natural water sources. An in-house RO plant removes the salt from the ocean water and makes it drinkable. As there are no recycling facilities as such in the Maldives, Atmosphere Kanifushi uses the 3-R method which says – reduce, reuse and recycle. They are in contact with Parley for Oceans for the partnership to recycle generated plastic waste. They are also working towards installing a biogas plant to reduce organic waste produced, which is a great step towards sustainable practices for solid waste management

Sustainable supply chain

Whenever possible, the company opts for purchasing products that are eco-friendly, compostable, antibiotic-free, power efficient, and recycled. There is a conscious effort to support local businesses. Guests can purchase locally made handicraft from the souvenir shop. The resort also prohibits using single use plastic items such as plastic drinking straws, Styrofoam lunch boxes, plastic bags below 50-micron thickness, and bath amenities in plastic packaging.

Coral conservation

Atmosphere Kanifushi has recently initiated a coral restoration programme. Coral fragments are collected and attached to coral cage nurseries – pyramid metal structures fortified with marine cement. In March 2022, the team placed 1 large coral cage in the Arrival Jetty reef to study the environment for the coral planting nursery before fully launching it. There are plans for a second restoration program in September 2022 in the same area and reef at Water Villa Jetty.

There is an open dialogue amongst all stakeholders – the resort team members, guests, local communities, suppliers, governments, NGOs, and other shareholders. A specialised green team monitors the sustainability initiatives in all departments. In the year 2021, the resort hosted various environmentally friendly events such as World Environment Day, Recycling Day, and Earth Hour.

Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts is a dynamic and fast-growing international hospitality company. Currently, the company is operating six resorts within the Maldives and is set to further expand in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan. AH&R’s distinguished portfolio comprises THE OZEN COLLECTION, COLOURS OF OBLU, and By Atmosphere, with a rich diversity of experiences within each of these brands. The company had two new COLOURS OF OBLU resorts: OBLU SELECT Lobigili opened on 24 March 2022 and OBLU XPERIENCE Ailafushi set to open on 19 May 2022.

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