Notify: Modern, total solution for job seekers, employers launched

Next Media Group on Tuesday launched a state-of-the-art platform called ‘Notify‘, which provides information to the public, such as employment, public announcements and tenders.

The platform, which is designed to make the most of the technological tools available today, is not just to publish your announcements or job listings. If an organisation wished, the platform will allow interested candidates and parties to easily apply for a job or tender without having to leave the website.

“We have designed this platform with ease-of-use in mind and to offer modern tools to organisations as well as job seekers and contractors,” said Shamoon Afeef, CEO of Next Media Group, which also runs online news platform, Dhauru.

Following the launch, the platform has introduced a free trial package to allow as many businesses as possible to experience its features.

Although the platform, developed with the local software development firm SolidTree, includes many features, efforts are underway to include even more features and facilities.

For more information on Notify: 7692020

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