German celebrity Dieter Bohlen lives it up at Hideaway Beach Resort Maldives

Dieter Bohlen, beloved in Germany and renowned for his cheeky attitude and comedic personality, bas celebrated the New Year’s Eve in style at Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa in the Maldives.

He recently shared with his 1.5 million followers on Instagram a series of stories and pictures of him enjoying to the fullest at Hideaway Beach Resort.

In those stories, which were also posted on TikTok, he promoted how one can literally hide away at Hideaway Beach Resort, in the spacious villas at the resort while having some well needed “us-time” with his partner.

More importantly, he showed how life is like in the sunny side of life during this interesting period in our lives.

One of the funniest posts he did was the one he depicted that he cycled all the way from Germany to the Maldives – Classic!

Dieter Günter Bohlen is a German musician, songwriter, record producer, and television personality.

Often referred to as the “Pop-Titan” in the German-speaking press, he first achieved fame as a member of pop duo Modern Talking in the 1980s and has since produced numerous German and international artists.

He is currently a judge on the popular talent show Deutschland sucht den Superstar or more commonly known as DSDS.

Ranked among the best resorts in the Maldives, Hideaway Beach Resort offers a combination of natural space, as well as spacious beach and ocean villas that lend to natural social distancing and offers a lot of privacy due to the thick tropical vegetation that envelopes each beach villa.

For celebrity guests like Dieter Bohlen who need great resort experience with privacy and luxurious experiences, Hideaway is the perfect slice of paradise and it is simply a one-of-a-kind resort in the Maldives.

If you would also like to funny it up in the Maldives just like Dieter Bohlen, check out one of the safest resorts in the Maldives to do just that!

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