Escape to kaleidoscope of fun on Seaside Finolhu’s island playground

With its focus on fun activities and a relaxing ambiance, Seaside Finolhu has long modelled itself as an island playground. Now, as the luxury Maldivian resort reopened on November 1, its playful nature has been taken to a whole new level in an extensive redesign project.

Characterised by a mesmerising mélange of colours and symmetrical patterns in harmony with the island’s vibrant natural beauty, the resort’s new kaleidoscope concept is a stunning representation of joy and wonder designed to evoke a feeling of escaping time.

Taking its name from the local word for “sandbar”, Finolhu is everything that a tropical island paradise should be.

The pristine natural beauty of the island is manifest in a tantalising display of striking hues, from its stunning white sand beaches and swaying green palms, to the vibrantly coloured flora and fauna of the coral reefs beneath the azure waters of the Indian Ocean beyond the island’s cyan lagoon.

At every step, the wonders of nature are front and centre on what, after all, is widely regarded as one of the finest island resorts in the UNESCO-protected Baa Atoll, famous for its mesmerising diversity of reefs, submerged cliffs, and underwater hills known locally as “thilas”.

While Finolhu is just one of many tropical island paradises in the Maldives archipelago, it is perhaps the resort’s uncanny ability to complement the guest experience with design elements that form a harmonious balance between natural wonder and stylish luxury that set it apart.

As part of the exclusive Seaside Collection, characterised by prestigious locations, personalised service, gourmet gastronomy, unique architecture and distinctive design concepts, Finolhu embodies exceptional quality and inspiring style in a mindful approach to design.

In recognition of Seaside Finolhu’s commitment to sustainable style and holistic hospitality concepts, it recently claimed the honour of being accepted as a member of the Design Hotels group, the globally-recognised resource for curated design-led hotels.

Central to the transition from luxury island resort to proud member of the exclusive Design Hotels portfolio was an extensive redesign project led by award-winning London-based design studio Muza Lab.

In overseeing Seaside Finolhu’s transition, the biggest challenge faced by the design team at Muza Lab was in determining how to develop the resort’s distinctive barefoot chic atmosphere without compromising the island’s natural splendour.

Seeking to combine Maldivian-inspired touches with ultra-luxury modernity against the backdrop of a stunning tropical island, Muza Lab formulated a kaleidoscope theme for the resort’s redesign.

The kaleidoscope concept celebrates the vibrant character of the island.

More than just the vivid colours found in the island’s lush natural landscape, this vibrancy extends into the resort’s playful sense of entertainment, the diverse aromas and flavours that invite indulgence in its themed restaurants, the sense of adventure that inspires exploration above and below the water, and even the quiet moments of solitude that create moments of blissful contemplation.

Staying true to Seaside Finolhu’s adventurous identity, the resort’s exciting new design treats fun-loving guests to vibrant pops of colour and a playful use of patterns.

Throughout the resort, the bold new design concept unleashes a kaleidoscope of colours inspired by the vibrant natural hues of the island’s stunning flora, fauna, sunsets and seascapes.

Showcasing contemporary design elements with a distinct organic edge, the resort’s makeover applies natural materials such as rope, clay and timber to create an engaging visual harmony with the island’s natural landscape.

The rustic textures of woven textiles, basketwork, lanterns and origami invite moments of discovery, wonder and delight, while handmade tiles and handblown coloured glass from Turkey, chandeliers and basket work from South Africa, and timber artwork from Java add artisanal uniqueness.

While guests love the unique sense of fun, adventure and freedom they get from staying at Seaside Finolhu, they also expect the finer comforts of a luxury resort.

Nowhere has this balance between escapism and modernity been more perfectly achieved than in the resort’s 125 stylish villas, 75 of which have their own private pools.

Contemporary luxury meets stylish design where the aesthetic beauty of bespoke artworks are complemented by top-of-the-range entertainment systems in private spaces that offer both extravagant indulgence and blissful seclusion.

Despite its makeover, Seaside Finolhu remains an island playground waiting to be explored.

Its four beachside dining venues serve a variety of exciting flavours, while the fully-equipped spa and wellness facility offer holistic programmes and treatments.

From romantic beach strolls to diving with whale sharks, the wide-range of activities available are as engaging as the stunning scenery of the coral reefs beneath the waves.

Treat yourself to a trip to Seaside Finolhu and escape into a kaleidoscope of fun on a Maldivian island playground.

Finolhu was opened in June 2016 and consists of four islands with long beaches. It has 125 beachfront and overwater villas — more than half with private pool — and four restaurants.

While popular with honeymooners, the extensive resort is also very family-friendly, with a kids’ club, plenty of activities and famous for its entertainment.

Owned and managed by Seaside Collection, a Europe-based hotel group with an exclusive portfolio of high-end resorts and city hotels, Seaside Finolhu Maldives is a luxury island resort.

“Finolhu”, which is a direct translation of “sandbank” in Dhivehi is located in Baa Atoll, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in the Maldives.

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