Maldives participates in Thai Silk Fashion Week

Maldives has participated in the Thai Silk Fashion Week and Grand Fashion Extravaganza.

The Maldivian embassy in Thailand facilitated the Maldives’ participation at the Thai Silk Fashion Week, held from November 18-21, and the Grand Fashion Extravaganza, held on November 23.

“This is a great initiative and for the first time Maldives made a mark in integrating Maldivian culture and fashion at the 9th Celebration of Silk: Thai Silk Road to the World 2019,” a statement issued by official tourism promotion body Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) read.

“MMPRCs strategy to market the Maldives as a tourist destination worldwide in 2020 will include reaching to potential niche segments.”

Popular local fashion designers Moonisa ‘Mooni’ Luthufee and Asiyath Shimla showcased their designs, inspired by the traditional Maldivian dresses. The dresses were tailored using Thai Silk.

“This was a great opportunity to promote the culture and tourism of the Maldives on an international platform,” MMPRC said.

Thirty-one ambassadors from 71 countries showcased their designs at the Grand Fashion Extravaganza. Deputy ambassador of Maldives to Thailand Huda Shareef presented the Maldivian designs.

During the event, the natural beauty of Maldives was showcased through destination videos on the main screen. Promotional materials such as information brochures were also distributed.

Local and international media covered the event.

The project celebrating Thai silk, called “Celebration of Silk – Thai Silk Road to the World”, is organised in honour of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, the Queen Mother. This is the 9th annual celebration of Silk.

Since 2010, the Thai Tourist Assistance Foundation, in collaboration with the diplomatic corps in Bangkok, has organised the Celebration of Silk project to exhibit traditional and modern Thai silk and designs.

Thailand is one of the top markets amongst South East Asian countries, with promising growth in tourist arrivals to the Maldives. With over 25,334 arrivals by October end, Thailand accounts for 14 per cent of the total tourist arrivals to the Maldives.

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