Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu hosts little ‘eco-warriors’ from local school

Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu has conducted an educational session for local students on sustainability, nature conservation and marine biology.

On March 2, Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu hosted students from the school in the neighbouring island of Thulhaadhoo for an educational session on sustainability, nature conservation, and marine biology. The students were hosted by the resort’s marine biologist who held an interactive workshop about various types of coral found in Baa atoll, threats facing coral reefs, and the importance of protecting the Maldivian shark population.

Following a refreshing lunch provided by the resort’s executive chef, the students were introduced to the environmentally-friendly, plastic-free amenities and practices used and adopted by the housekeeping team. During their back of the house tour, the students also visited the Eco Lab on the island and had a chat with the carpenters and engineers there about the benefits of using sustainable materials over plastic.

Highlight of the day was the tour of the Marine Turtle Rescue Centre, hosted by the Olive Ridley Project veterinarian Dr Claire Lomas. The students got to meet the turtle patients, whilst Dr Lomas spoke to the students about the injuries sustained by the turtles and the marine debris which threaten the natural habitat of the reptilian patients.

The students ended their day with a guided snorkelling session around the house reef which allowed them to apply their newly acquired knowledge about the aquatic world.

Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu lies in the stunning southern waters of the Baa atoll. The 30-minute journey by seaplane from Velana International Airport gives guests a stunning start to their holiday – a bird’s eye view of the azure lagoons and curling atolls. It’s a taste of the natural reality that comes with your Maldives vacation. As you land, you are entering one of the world’s essential havens – a designated UNESCO biosphere reserve and home to incredible marine life and reefs.

Part of the award-winning local hospitality group Coco Collection, Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu is dedicated to making the most of its cherished island home. The resort embodies the Maldives as it should be: nourishing, charming, inspiring and enchanting. The style and feel are rustic yet luxurious, organic yet elegant. Traditional craft blends with the ease of contemporary comfort. This is a soulful Maldives vacation spot where the everyday stresses of life are left behind, and you can reconnect with nature.

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