Banyan Tree Plants 100,000th Tree

Maldives Promotion House – This year, Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts is celebrating the 100,000th tree that the group has planted as part of its Greening Communities project, launched in 2007 to raise awareness of climate change. Under this project, Banyan Tree and Angsana resorts are given a target to plant 2,000 trees per year.

In the first half of 2011, many of the properties registered their strong support by planting more than the targeted numbers within their community. To date, a total of 110,143 trees have been planted around the globe since 2007. In a similar move to communicate the importance of nature and its conservation, United Nations has also declared 2011 as International Year of Forests.

In the Maldives, led by the Banyan Tree Maldives Marine Lab, two Banyan Tree resorts and two Angsana resorts have engaged the local schools and communities to plant more than 22,200 trees since 2007. Palm trees are planted on various local islands to prevent erosion, and fruit trees for their nutritious benefits for the locals.

“Through Greening Communities, we want to take a proactive stance in helping our islands minimise the impact of environmental issues due to global warming,” Area CSR Manager for Maldives, Hawwa Hana said. “Most local students embrace the information about nature that we share with them, and give us a lot of feedback and support. Children are a key audience in helping promote the cause to the rest of the community.”

Banyan Tree co-founders Ho Kwon Ping and Claire Chiang have committed the group to rehabilitation of the environment since the company’s very beginning, when they chanced upon 1,000 acres of toxic tin mine in 1984 in Phuket, Thailand, and dedicated the next 15 years to transform it into a habitable community teeming with healthy vegetation and wildlife. Today, it remains Asia’s first and largest integrated destination resort, where fishes swim in beautiful lagoons, and migratory birds return to breed.

“By consciously adopting corporate social responsibility as a core business value, we seek a balance between shareholders and stakeholders in our company ethos based on an evolving ethos ‘doing well by doing good’,” Senior Vice President of Banyan Tree Holdings and Chairperson of Banyan Tree Global Foundation, Claire Chiang said.

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