Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort to host Maldives first intl magic festival

Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort and Spa has announced plans to host the first international magic festival in Maldives.

The spellbinding Villingili International Festival of Modern Magic will take place in July, and will see five world-renowned magicians take residency at Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort and Spa. For adults and young guests alike, the month will see the magicians perform two shows per week on Villingili’s silver sands as well as daily close up magic at guests’ dining tables where sleight of hand will take centre stage.

From July 1-31, five magicians are set to enhance the resort’s beautifully ethereal atmosphere through a range of traditional tricks and more unusual modern illusions and mentalism that will blow guests’ minds away. Each of the five magicians are specialists in their own particular field of magic, ensuring that the festival has a wide range of different types of trickeries, illusions and sorcery:

‘The Conjurer’ Duc Nhien

Nhien has been passionate about the art of magic and puzzles since childhood. In 1981, he became the Belgian champion of the Rubik’s cube, which later gave him inspiration for his unique creation ‘Pixism’. Since then the internationally renowned trickster has published a plethora of French educational videos on ‘Virtual Magic’ and various articles in America’s top selling magician magazines “Magic” and “Genii”. Originally from Belgium, Nhien is the number one magician in his home country and boasts the prestigious title “Master Magician”.

Another one of his talents is creating special portraits of audience members by cutting intricate silhouettes out of paper. This has led to him being affectionately nicknamed “The Magician Profiler” by his fans.

‘The Trickster’ Antoine Leroux

Leroux specialises in the vastly popular magic of proximity, otherwise known as close up magic. He honed his skills in France working at private parties and events where he impressed guests with his mind-blowing tricks. Leroux’s experience and professionalism make him one of the most sought-after magicians in France and will be an enchanting addition to the island of Villingili.

‘The Mindreader’ Frank Truong

Known for co-starring in the popular French television show “La Grande Illusion”, Truong is regularly employed by prestigious brands and is highly-regarded within the magic circle. Truong specialises in reading people’s minds often leaving audiences speechless with his predictions. In 2016, Truong participated in “France’s Got Talent” where he seduced the country and judges with his humour and charisma reaching the live semi-finals. Since then, Truong has been travelling through France demonstrating the art of mentalism through his show “You Think So I Know” which is met with continuous success.

‘The Digitalist’ Sebastian Camersini

Camersini is also a magician on the French television show “La Grande Illusion”. He has perfected the art of digital magic and is without doubt one of the most skilful digital magicians on the planet. Camersini works exclusively with the most prestigious members of the magic circle and it known for his elegance and charm when performing.  

‘The Magician’ Vincent Bruneau (Senzo)

Vincent’s passion for magic and new technology led him to create Magency, the first company to offer a collaborative digital solution to engage participants in seminars, conventions, training and meetings. Vincent cites magic and the art of stage as the inspiration behind Magency in which he emphasises the importance of companies engaging their employees from an emotional and human angle. Vincent is also a pioneer of digital magic in France. He creates all of the effects for the “La Grande Illusion” show and manages a range of magicians, specialising in the customisation of effects.

From right to left: ‘The Conjurer’ Duc Nhien, ‘The Magician’ Vincent Bruneau (Senzo), ‘The Mindreader’ Frank Truong, ‘The Digitalist’ Sebastian Camersini, and ‘The Trickster’ Antoine Leroux.

Throughout Villingili’s magic month, guests will be able to enjoy the hotel’s ‘Magical Maldives’ package, which includes daily magic performances at all the restaurants across the resort as well as a magic show with all magicians coming together for a mesmerising performance.

The package also offers a special “Magic Box” dinner as part of the resort’s exclusive Dine By Design programme, which sees expert chefs curate meals served in special locations around the island. The “Magic Box” dinner will centre on innovative food illusions and delicious gastronomic surprises served in unusual and creative forms.

Guests will also be treated to a transformative spa treatment working magic on their skin and wellbeing, at CHI, the Spa, a secluded sanctuary with its own spa village within the resort. The treatment uses warm Dosha pacifying Ayurvedic herbal oils, known for their super healing powers that have a soothing effect on the body and mind, releasing all toxins and stress.

In line with the resort’s magical experiences theme throughout July, the ‘Magical Maldives’ package also includes a dolphin sunset cruise. Guests are invited to marvel as hundreds of spinner dolphins leap and soar out of the water alongside the boat; a sight made all the more extraordinary against the wonderful backdrop of the orange and pink hues of the setting sun. The resort will also provide a magic wand to all its guests as a form of memorabilia from the festival.

Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort and Spa is located in the southernmost Maldivian atoll of Addu, just a five-minute boat ride away from Gan International Airport.

The resort is a collection of 132 private villas nestled across emerald green jungle and stunning turquoise shoreline. From private ocean retreats to tropical tree houses with panoramic views, resort accommodation features six distinct styles of villa and two presidential villas. All villas feature both indoor and outdoor showers, luxurious oval bathtubs and exquisitely designed silver Jali influenced “his and hers” vanity counters.

The resort has three restaurants, each with a distinct vibe, serving cuisine to suit all tastes. More adventurous guests can enjoy a lunch or dinner served on board a luxury yacht, or a romantic meal in the jungle, as part of the resort’s Dine by Design programme.

Guests can also enjoy an extensive range of activities both on land and at sea: indulge in tranquillity at CHI, The Spa, explore the luscious tropical forest, play a round at the only nine-hole golf course in the Maldives or dive into an aquatic playground of water sport activities.

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