Fushifaru Maldives introduces indigenous Maldivian experiences

Fushifaru Maldives has introduced a collection of indigenous Maldivian experiences for guests to enjoy during their stay.

One of the Maldives’ newest boutique resorts, Fushifaru made waves with a first-of-its-kind arrival ritual by welcoming all guests to the island with the blowing of the Sangu or Sea Conch. A significant aspect of Maldivian cultural history, the Sangu was traditionally used by village elders to call the community to attention for important announcements.

This practice kicked off a collection of indigenous Maldivian experiences available at the resort.

Diversifying the Coconut

For guests looking to channel their inner Robinson Crusoe, learn to climb a coconut palm at the resort’s Coconut Tree Climbing Masterclass – a solid 99-minute session of laughter-filled bonding with one of the many beautiful coconut palms on the island, all supervised by an experienced member of its recreation team.

Learning to scale the smooth, sturdy trunk barefoot or with a piece of strong cloth gives beginners a great sense of accomplishment, not to mention fantastic photos! Climbing trees is a staple skill amongst the islanders to gather coconuts and palm fronds for making everything from twine and baskets to mats and fans and to harvest fruits, leaves and spices that typify traditional Maldivian cuisine. Guests will also get to see the fruits of their labour, taking home their very own island-made mats and baskets.

Guests are also invited to experience other interactive activities, from toddy tapping and milking of coconuts to the making of pure coconut oil. They can also try their hand at weaving traditional Maldivian rope using the coir of dried coconut husks, as well as Cadjan weaving using dried coconut leaves – essentially making the roofs over their villas!

Boduberu Beat

For guests who are more musically inclined, Fushifaru’s Boduberu Beat session gives them a chance to try their hand at playing the Boduberu drum made traditionally from the trunk of the coconut tree. This traditional Maldivian instrument bears influence from the music in east and southwest Africa that was brought to the islands by sailors from the Indian Ocean around the 11th century.

Starting first with steady rhythms before gaining tempo and reaching a loud, festive and exhilarating crescendo that is referred to as “vibrating the island”, the session features dancers who will accompany guests by jumping, swaying and singing along to the music. The interactive, energetic nature of Boduberu Beat makes for a great workout and an immersive Maldivian music experience for all ages.

Maldivian Cooking Class

For gastronomes and those curious about the culinary arts of the local islands, the resort offers a hands-on Maldivian Cooking Class on Maldivian tuna curry, Mashuni (a staple Maldivian salad of tuna flakes, chopped onions, tomatoes, chilli and a sprinkle of lime) accompanied by steaming hot Roshi (Maldivian flat bread).

Fushi Trail and Faru Discovery

A conservationist’s favourite, guests will be guided by the resort’s Resident Explorer to discover and learn about the diverse flora and fauna that make this exquisite little island a wonder both above and below the waterline. This includes spotting the island’s two resident rabbits! Occasionally, guests may even be treated to a mother turtle laying her eggs right outside a villa.

As custodians of conservation, each guest is encouraged to contribute in any small way to saving the planet, all whilst enjoying the wonders of idyllic island life.

Villa Amenities

Designed to amplify the joys of island life at Fushifaru, each guest villa offers servings of Athujehi (spicy fish chips famously made on the neighbouring local island of Hinnavaru), Kaashi (coconut meat often accompanied with dried tuna), Theluli Bambukeyo (breadfruit chips usually served at a housewarming), and Laagulha (Molucca bean which is also used as traditional medicine).

Not forgetting Fushifaru’s Very Important Kids will also receive traditional toys including Madhoshi (red sandalwood seeds usually collected by local island children to play games with, and Boli (cowrie shells that were used as the first form of currency in the Maldives).

Located on the far north east border of Lhaviyani atoll, the exquisite island of Fushifaru is home to an extraordinary landscape above and below the waterline. With ‘Fushi’ meaning ‘island’ and ‘Faru’ meaning ‘reef’ in the local Dhivehi language, the island is the perfect getaway for a digital detox and a little soul searching.

With 49 beach and water villas that exude luxurious coziness with carefully selected amenities, choose from 18 beach villas with private plunge pools, 26 beach villas and 5 water villas. Each features stunning outdoor bathrooms, large outdoor decking, 43” IPTV, Egyptiancotton linen and 24-hour personalised Resident service.

Fushifaru has three food and beverage outlets that will take guests on a gastronomic journey starting at Korakali for an international breakfast, lunch and dinner, while Raakani Grill showcases signature Asian recipes with a focus on the finest local seafood. Fanihandhi Bar is perfect for catching some sun with a cocktail in hand or unwinding to a famous Maldivian sunset.

Heylhi Spa has five-treatment rooms or sanctuaries that embody the spirit of rejuvenation; a concept inspired by the Cleaner Wrasse fish found commonly throughout the island’s reef. Designed with lush, green surroundings, the spa echoes its name Heylhi, which in Dhivehi refers to jungle-like vegetation found at the shoreline. Each treatment room resembles traditional Maldivian cottages, complete with outdoor garden bathrooms.

From a state-of-the-art gym and multi-sports court, to paddle boarding, snorkelling, diving and semi-submarine expeditions, activities are endless at Fushifaru. For an insight into coral rehabilitation and marine education, a resident marine biologist is on hand to share lessons on conservation and conduct guided snorkelling tours around the island and nearby reefs.

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