10 things to do at Angsana Velavaru with families

1. Bubble Maker

Introduce your eight or nine-year-old to a shallow lagoon. Watch your boy or girl learn about diving through a fun bubble-making lesson. Safe child-friendly scuba gear assures you of your children’s safety. Certified instructors are on hand to make your child’s first diving experience absolutely fabulous.


2. Looking For Dolphins

Plunge through the waves on a catamaran or speedboat. Get the chance to watch dolphin families up close and personal. See these marvellous mammals skipping through the water surface with delight.


3. Join The Conservation Programme

Learn about the dynamic underwater mosaic from the Marine Conservation Lab experts. See how the resort cares for the dynamic local wildlife. Help protect a dazzling array of turtles, seabirds and coral communities.


4. Work On Handicrafts

Kickstart your kids’ creativity and stimulate their imagination. Get them painting with their fingers. Watch them swirl oil paints on canvas. See them choose from numerous arts and crafts activities and make their own shimmering creations.


5. Get On A Banana Boat

Get right onto a banana boat with your family. Be pulled across the water surface at dizzying speeds. Squeal with every watery bump and have fun splashing into the lagoon if you fall off.


6. Aquatic Adventure

Float on a fun tube or get speedboat-towed on a float. Enjoy an afternoon of family fun and all you and your kids need to do is laze back. Close your eyes as the sun shines warmly on you and while away for most pleasant afternoon with spontaneous fun.


7. Water Polo

Engage in an energetic game of water polo with everyone in the family.
Exercise while strengthening your family bonds with a good hearty game of water sports.


8. Waboba

Enjoy this new take on Frisbee. Play this Frisbee-style game in waist-high water. Soak up an afternoon of fun in the sun.


9. Fishing

Awaken at first dawn and do a fruitful bout of morning fishing. Or spend your day idling pleasantly before fishing after sun set. Either way, enjoy a most stimulating session to get your adrenalin grooving when you sail into a fertile fishing ground. Throw your line far out and reel in a spectacular variety of species that includes red snapper, garoupa, jackfish, rainbow runners and sea bass. Get a chef to cook up a delicious seafood dinner with your catch for the day.


10. Volleyball

Rally the family for an exciting game of volleyball and strengthen your family bonds with a hearty fun under the sun.

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