White House Restaurant: Feeling Presidential?

Maldives Promotion House – With restaurants and cafés popping up all over Capital City Malé, choosing can sometimes become a challenging task. While it’s mostly about getting a genuinely delicious meal of quality, for as little as possible, such a place can be difficult to find.

White House Restaurant is one of the most recently opened restaurants in Malé. Placed right in the middle of some of the best tourist attractions of Malé, White House has a very unique theme. The restaurant is located only a few meters from the Parliament House and in the same neighbourhood as the Presidential Palace.

The restaurant has a first floor outdoor seating as well as indoor seating on both floors. The outdoor seating looks over the more urban area of Malé and provides a view of some of the tallest buildings in the capital.

One of the other remarkable features is their private indoor dining facilities. Designed to hold meetings or small gatherings such as private dinners and business lunches, the private dining facilities can accommodate about 20 people.

White House is also a perfect restaurant for group parties and family dinners. While the menu has a few innovatively named items such as the Clinton Salad. You can also feast on their Indian, Italian, Mexican, and Thai dishes. While they serve seafood items, they also provide meals for takeaways.

Specialising in dishes designed for lunch and dinner, they also offer a unique collection of drinks plus the coffee. White House also takes bookings, and it is also a perfect place for a walk-in meal or coffee.

Still don’t feel the tingling in your taste buds, then just check out their Facebook Page. If you’re looking for a place to dine and hangout on the coming weekend, then White House is your palace.

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