Maldives promotes in Moscow with CoffeMania

2 Maldives (s) – A photo exhibition dedicated to promote Maldives is being held at CoffeeMania; one of the popular Café chains in Moscow. The exhibition is held from 1st March – 15th April 2015 at CoffeeMania in Bolshaya Nikitskaya, Russia.

“CoffeeMania” – is an integral part of life for several visitors to the city and this location will offer assurance of great exposure of Maldives as a total of 30 photos are exhibited in the Cafés. The photos highlight the diverse segments of Maldives such as Honeymoons, Spas, Water sports and culture. CoffeeMania is open for 24 hours and on an average 3,000 people visit daily. A media lunch was held as a part of this campaign for the purpose of sharing important information about the destination, such as ‘Visit Maldives year’ and Maldives being the host country of ITB 2016.

Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation focuses on enhancing the Tourism Industry by concentrating on reaching out to a wide variety of audience in the utmost effective ways. The photo exhibition portrays the destinations sandy beaches, lush views, azure lagoons, luxury world renowned resorts and the exotic marine life, which will help to portray what Maldives has to offer to the tourists.

Russia is a dynamic market to the Maldives within the European region. MMPRC has the vision to further focus on such markets by the participation of such exhibitions which will invariably have a positive effect on the development of the Tourism industry of the Maldives.

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