Meet the Young & Inspiring Maldivian General Manager of Sun Island

Maldives Promotion House – Dreams are born of passion, a desire to become someone better than you are. For some of us the passion lies not within ourselves, but within the need to do what we do best. Our hopes for the future are built around that desire.

This is the story of a man who not only dreamt, but also worked very hard, to reach his goals and to recreate his dreams as best as he could. For him the light at the end of the tunnel wasn’t just a gesture, but a reality that he knew could be achieved.

Mr. Mohamed Saeed is not just another Maldivian. He was born and raised in Haa Alif Thuraakunu. During an exclusive interview with Maldives Promotion House, he told us his story.

As a teenager he travelled to the Haa Alif Atoll’s capital for studies. However fate had bigger plans for him, and thus he moved to study in Malé, the capital of Maldives. He joined EPS, one of the oldest schools in Maldives.

The home he stayed in was also home to a sort of café, one of the first of its kind in Malé. During his stay there, he was presented the opportunity to develop his passion for hospitality. His kindness and welcoming friendliness granted him a place in the hearts of those who visited the café.

“I was left in charge of managing food and beverages. The café was one of the first places to introduce takeaway ice creams and cones as well as pizza,” as he reminisced over his past, telling me of his work at the café, I could see the satisfaction in his eyes and hear it in his voice.

There he laid the foundation for his career in the hospitality industry. However it was just the beginning of his success, a mere glimpse at the stars. For him, the sky opened up when he met some of the senior members of a nearby hotel school.

“They would come to the café on their lunch hours. We spoke and they saw that I had potential. They saw my passion towards hospitality,” Mohamed said.

In August of 1995, at the age of 19, he got his first job at a resort. Mohamed was made a Housekeeping Supervisor at Paradise Island Resort & Spa. Time passed and he was swiftly promoted as Assistant Manager of Food and Beverages.

Sometimes we tend to run after success, we tend to give in to the ever increasing vanity of who we are. Sometimes this leads to failure. Perhaps patience and seizing opportunities was what made Mohamed a successful person.

Even in Paradise Island Mohamed continued to climb up the ladder of the hospitality and tourism industry. More importantly Mohamed never gave up his studies. He is one of those few people who take life as a lesson to be learned and experienced. He is also the Dean of Faculty of Hotel Management and Tourism Studies of Villa College, where he has been since 2008.

He continued his studies and now holds a Masters Degree in Tourism. Mohamed also said that he plans to study further. After Sun Island Resort & Spa opened, he became the Manager of Food and Beverages in 1998. Soon after, he was once again promoted. Though he may never have seen himself at the position where he is now, Mohamed is the General Manager of Sun Island Resort & Spa, the largest resort island in Maldives.

While someone who isn’t familiar with it might find it difficult to understand the challenges of running a resort island, Mohamed knows it very well. However his passion towards his work and the strong teamwork of all the members of the resort makes it much easier.

“It’s like running a small nation. We have to produce our own electricity, water, and even the security. We must take care of it and maintain it” he said.

Mohamed believes that tourism is the most important industry in Maldives. He urges everyone to do their part in developing and maintaining tourism. Rather than doing something because someone else is doing it, he believes that everyone should try to do what they do best.

He is a leading example to anyone who wishes to work in the industry. Driven by his passion towards hospitality and service, Mohamed has no plans of retiring. Through his hard work and undying desire for his career, Mohamed has finally reached that light at the end of the tunnel.

Mohamed’s story is one of inspiration. Where most people would have given up, he embraced the challenges that fate laid out for him. He not only achieved his goals, but he also embraced them. As we approached the present, from the long walk through his memory lane, I realised that life is not only about never giving up, but perhaps it is also about loving what you do.

He leaves an inspiring advice to the future generations, an advice that is more than words. “This industry is very different from other industries. It needs tolerance and patience. But like all other fields, if you don’t have the passion to do what you do, you can’t do it. So, love it, or leave it.”

We at Maldives Promotion House applaud him for his brave and passionate venture into the tourism industry. As he celebrates his birthday today, we wish him a very happy birthday, and even more success in his life and career.

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